Advising Staff

The Pre-major Advising staff works with students on major/career exploration, course registration, transitioning to college life, evaluation of academic goals, clarification of university policies, and connecting students to any campus office that may help them to achieve success at Radford University.

Patti Williamson, Advising Coordinator

Patti Williamson
Director of Advising

Patti works with continuing, transfer, and new freshmen in Pre-major. She also works with students who are withdrawing from the university, readmission candidates, and non-degree seeking students.

Rachel Hall, First-year Advisor

Rachel Hall
Senior Assistant Director of Advising

Rachel works with new freshmen and special populations entering Radford University. She also coordinates the Majors and Minors Fair each fall.


Allison McCoy
Assistant Director of Advising

Allison works with continuing, transfer and new freshmen in Pre-major. 

Graduate Student Assistants

Graduate Student Assistants are available to answer general questions, discuss class withdrawals, conduct academic workshops, and make presentations at recruitment events and classes, as requested. All graduate advisors may be contacted by emailing

Erica Atkinson
Graduate Assistant Advisor 

Melissa Macomber
Graduate Assistant Advisor 

Undergraduate Office Assistants

Undergraduate office assistants oversee our reception area. Their duties include checking-in students, making appointments, providing referrals, and answering general questions.

Taylor Hill, Office Assistant

Alison Chapman
Office Assistant


Antonio Bunch
Office Assistant

Catherine Costello, Office Assistant

Kassidy Donahoe
Office Assistant


Carly Sumpter
Office Assistant