Faculty Instructor Information

FI Hiring Process

The hiring process varies based on your history of teaching at Radford University and your employment classification. Please follow the relevant steps; we will contact you if any further information is needed.

It can take up to a month and a half to process hiring paperwork, so we appreciate receiving your documents as early as possible.

Hiring Process for New Instructors

  1. First, apply for the position, Adjunct Faculty – UNIV 100/UNIV 150, on the Radford jobs site: https://jobs.radford.edu/postings/5651. This step creates a paper trail that officially acknowledges you as an instructor of this course. While we need your real materials, we are not evaluating you based on the quality of what you upload. If we have further questions, we might contact you for an informal interview. The application requires:
    1. Resume or CV
    2. Cover letter
    3. Transcripts (unofficial)
  2. Next, send us official transcripts from all institutions from which you have earned degrees, including undergrad. Please send transcripts to New Student and Family Programs at P.O. Box 6993, Radford, VA, 24142.

  3. Then download and complete the following forms. These forms should also be returned to New Student and Family Programs.
    1. Criminal Background Check
    2. Employee Data Sheet
  4. Finally, visit us in Whitt Hall 101 during normal business hours to complete I-9 forms and any additional required paperwork.

Hiring Process for Returning Instructors

  1. Inform New Student and Family Programs of your desire to teach. Amber Smith can be reached at azsmith@radford.edu.
    Offers are based on availability, student feedback, peer instructor feedback, and other related information.

  2. If offered the position, complete and return your contract to New Student and Family Programs.

Am I Eligible to Teach?

Policy Qualifications Personal Qualifications
  • I have a master’s degree or higher.

  • I have one of the following appointment types:
    • Adjunct faculty
    • A/P faculty
    • Classified exempt
    • T/R faculty
  • I have been a full-time employee at Radford University for at least one year.
  • I want to help new Radford University students successfully transition into college.

  • I have time to teach my class twice a week and meet with my peer instructor for an additional hour a week (at least).

  • I will mentor my peer instructor so that they can ultimately assume 60% of the class planning, teaching, and grading responsibilities for the class.

  • I can make this class my own within the main UNIV 100 curriculum.


Faculty instructors earn a stipend of $1,350 (taxed at the supplemental pay rate), which will be evenly disbursed from mid-September through the end of December. This compensation covers all teaching responsibilities for the fall semester as well as applicable spring and fall preparation.