Drop-In Coaching Sessions by Subject

Residence Hall Drop-In Sessions

Drop-In Academic Coaching is offered in partnership with Housing and Residence Life and the Office of Student Success and Retention.

These groups are open to all students, whether they’re struggling or excelling, to connect, collaborate, and build their active learning skills. Skilled peer Academic Coaches will be present to answer questions or explain concepts as students work through their course material.

Sessions begin the first week of February and conclude the last week of April.

Drop-in Session Title Time Location Subjects Covered
History Mondays 5-7 PM Stuart Hall HIST 101 & HIST 111
Math for the Humanities Mondays 6-8 PM Floyd Hall MATH 114 & MATH 116
Biology Tuesdays 5-7 PM Floyd Hall BIOL 131 & BIOL 132
Writing Workshop Tuesdays 6-8 PM Stuart Hall Writing for any subject or project
General Chemistry
Wednesdays 5-7 PM Stuart Hall CHEM 111 & CHEM 112
Business Math Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM Floyd Hall MATH 125 & MATH 126
Wildcard Math Thursdays 6:30-8:30 PM Floyd Hall Any 100-level MATH

Group Sessions

Group sessions are offered by the Harvey Knowledge Center. Each group session is managed by at least 1 trained peer Academic Coach.

More information on group sessions will be added to this page, so check back soon!

Group Session Title Time Location Subjects Covered
MATH/STAT Mondays 6:30 - 8:30 PM Harvey Knowledge Center Most 100-level & 200-level MATH, STAT

Drop-In Sessions at the HKC

Some coaches do offer drop-in sessions, which allow students to walk in and get help without an appointment.

More information on drop-in sessions will be added to this page, so check back soon!