About the Harvey Knowledge Center

The Harvey Knowledge Center  (HKC, formerly the LARC) supports students in achieving academic success. Using a learner-centered approach, we offer free academic consulting and seminars to support students’ skills and confidence in navigating the opportunities and challenges of their coursework. Our focus is to help students develop and leverage their own strategies for learning that can extend beyond the questions that bring them to our center. We have tools and resources to support any student’s academic goals.

What We Do

The services we provide can support students with all kinds of academic goals.  However, students often wonder if academic coaching is right for them.  Because our services are broad and evolving in their scope, we have listed some common reasons that might bring you to our center.

  • New to college and looking for ideas on managing time, the homework, and/or studying and learning on your own

  • Connecting with other students who want to make the most of their academic experiences 

  • Learning more about ways to extend your learning beyond the classroom

  • Figuring out a topic or skill in a particular class; looking for extra practice

  • Getting regular ongoing support with a class that is really stretching you

  • Improving performance and/or confidence on tests and exams 

  • Creating (and sticking to) your own study plans and action steps for completing assignments

  • Developing skills for successful group work

To learn more about your first visit to the Harvey Knowledge Center, check out this resource!

All HKC services are free for Radford University students!

Please be aware that the Harvey Knowledge Center is NOT a replacement for going to class.


Academic Coaches guide students as they explore assigned topics, learn strategies for generating ideas, and discover methods of development and organization.

Academic Coaches also help students with drafts by reviewing rules of grammar, punctuation, organization and general rhetorical skills.

In addition, the Center for Accessibility Services provides the HKC staff with background and strategies for tutoring students. 

For students with physical disabilities, the HKC has special entrances. However, the HKC is prepared to meet students in other, more convenient, places on campus. Some of our tutors have ASL backgrounds, and others have also worked with interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing students.


The Harvey Knowledge Center (formerly the LARC) is located in McConnell Library on the 4th floor.

For more information, please call 540-831-7704 or stop by the center's office.


Hours: We are open Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM, with flexible scheduling for weekends.

If Radford University is closed, the Harvey Knowledge Center will also be closed.


Summer Hours are: Monday-Thursday 9AM-5PM, with felxible online appointments available.