Online Learning Guide

How Do I Access my Course?

Main campus students can access D2L (Desire2Learn) by going to  Roanoke campus students can access Blackboard by visiting there, log in with your Radford username and password. Be sure to check D2L or Blackboard daily for news and updates from your instructor.

How Do I Communicate with my Instructor?

Check your Radford University email and log in to D2L or Blackboard daily to check for updates and announcements. Your instructor might ask for a phone number or might contact you by email. It is important to use your Radford email address and not a personal email account.

  • Access your email by logging in to My.RU
  • Contact IT One Stop with questions about your email


Will My Classes Meet at the Regular Time?

Some classes will be held live using Zoom or some other format. These are called synchronous classes. Other classes will simply provide you with assignments and quizzes and give you deadlines to complete them. These are called asynchronous classes. 

If your instructor chooses to hold synchronous class meetings, they will take place during your regular class time. Look for messages from your instructor or email them to find out if your class will be synchronous.

  • For assistance navigating D2L or Blackboard, please review the resources provided by the Division of IT

How Do I Turn in My Homework?

Your instructor has likely created a way for you to submit homework electronically, through D2L or Blackboard or through your Radford email. Check for emails or announcements from your instructor and contact them if you're still not sure.

What Strategies Can I Use to be Successful?

Keeping up with an online class requires a little bit of organization and time management. Following some basic tips can help you stay on top of the work.

  • Stay in contact with your professor
  • Check your email and D2L frequently for updates or changes
  • Pick certain times to work on the class and put away all distractions during that time
  • Take notes—even if all the material is available online
  • Keep a planner or calendar with all assignments or due dates
  • Break assignments down into smaller tasks
  • Set your own deadlines for tasks
  • Contact classmates or set up a study group
  • Reach out to your professor or the Harvey Knowledge Center if you need help