Coach Recommendation Form

Have you taught or worked with a student who is great at collaborating, problem solving, and partnering with their peers? Did you have an exceptional student who really understood the underlying principles or working of the content and its application?  Recommend them to become an academic coach!

Academic Coaches do not have to be perfect students who always succeed. Instead, we look for the following traits in our academic coaches:

  •  Good communication skills
  • Collaborative interactions with their peers, rather than dominating discussion or class activities
  • Respond to failure or struggle by seeking to grow and improve
  • Desire to learn new things and expand their knowledge, instead of focusing on only what they are good at

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Section II

Why do you recommend this student?

How would you describe this’s student’s interactions with peers in the classroom or with coworkers in the workplace?

Have you ever seen this student struggle? How did they handle it?

How would you describe this student’s knowledge in the subject area of your class or work (if applicable)?

How would you describe this student’s work ethic?

 This student loves learning and engages in new things readily
 This student is hardworking
 This student cares deeply about a particular set of subject matter
 This student is a perfectionist

Thank you for your recommendation!