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We are a student-centered team where we share a passion for growth and development. Students and faculty can get involved in a variety of ways.

Student Academic Coach


Academic Coaches are students with a passion for learning who work one-on-one or in small groups to help their fellow highlanders build effective learning strategies. Coaches work with students to facilitate the development of organization strategies, help build effective comrpehension stratgies, assist students in developing study skills and preparing for exams, and explore key concepts from class.

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Faculty Mentor

Faculty Mentor

Faculty Mentors work closely with student Academic Coaches to support them in their work with peers. Faculty Mentors serve in the HKC for one academic year. Mentors contribute approximately 25 hours a semester, meeting monthly with small groups of Academic Coaches, observing coaching sessions and offering targeted feedback, and providing resources and support to enrich with work of students as Academic Coaches.

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Student Office Assistant

Deona Guy - Front desk

Office Assistants are highly motivated, thoughtful, team-oriented students who create a welcoming environment, listen to student concerns, connect students with the academic support services they need, and work in a team to ensure smooth and effective operations. Office Assistants must be Federal Work Study and Work Scholarship eligible.

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Graduate Assistant

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Graduate Assistants fill several roles in the HKC. Graduate Assistants must apply for an assistantship through the Graduate College to be eligible to work in the HKC. Graduate Assistants looking for campus assistanship employment may email the director to discuss open positions.

These positions include

  • Leadership Mentor
  • Professional Development Mentor
  • Educational Program Coordinator
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