Key Control and Lock Policy

Purpose and Scope

This policy is established to regulate issuance, control, accounting, and return of all keys under the master key system utilized by the University to control access and security to all facilities.

A.    Authority and Responsibility

Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining all key and core records, cutting keys, combinating cores, providing all office forms used for the system and issuing periodic reports as required.

B.    Approving Authorities

The President, Provost, Vice Provosts, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Department Heads, are authorized to approve key issues to full-time faculty/staff employees. The department will be responsible for costs incurred to secure an area when a key is lost (see below under Section G “Fees”). They will also be responsible for verifying the physical location of keys they have authorized and the continuing need for those keys.

See Key Forms

C.    Authority and Responsibility of Key Recipients

Individuals having custody of University keys are authorized to use them for access to their work areas. All keys issued on a permanent basis should be retained in the possession of the person to whom issued at all times.

Departments are responsible for reporting lost keys immediately and for returning keys to Facilities Maintenance & Operations when they are no longer needed.  When returning keys please provide the following information:  name, key number, quantity, ID, department, and room number on the Return Keys Form.

All keys remain the property of Radford University. Obsolete and unneeded keys must be returned to Facilities Maintenance & Operations for disposal and for clearing the employee of all responsibility, and the liability of the authorizing department.

Keys used by Adjunct Faculty or Graduate Students

•    Departmental keys will be used within a department. They will remain secured at the University after working hours. These keys are used during normal working hours and are not to be taken home.

A fulltime faculty or staff member of the department will have custody of these keys and be responsible for them.

•    If a department decides to issue a key out temporarily to an adjunct faculty or graduate student, the department is responsible to maintain internal records to be able to account for all keys issued within.

This department member will be recorded by Facilities Maintenance & Operations as the owner of the keys and should keep updated records of who has the key at all times.

D.    General Conditions

All University property, except office equipment, will be secured by locks having the capability of being combinated to the University master system. Facilities Maintenance & Operations must approve any exception.

Individuals assigned custody of departmental keys may request and receive more than one key to a particular area. All other personnel are limited to one key per room or area.

E.    Vendors Needing Access to Areas of the University

Vendors needing access to areas of the University (telephone, elevator, vending, etc.) will be issued keys through the department involved with the director’s approval. The department requesting the keys will be responsible for costs associated with a lost key.

F.    Key Inventory

Key inventory will be completed on a quarterly basis.  A schedule of departments across campus will be followed.  See Facilities Maintenance & Operations website for the key inventory form.

G.    Fees

The basic fees structure for replacing keys and existing cores is presented below.  The rates vary between E&G (Educational and General) and Auxiliary Organizations.  Also, flat rates have been setup for lost keys occurring in Residential Life.

Key Charges – E&G Organizations

New Core or Existing Core (includes materials only)    $18.00
New Key    $ 2.00

Key Charges – Auxiliary Organizations

New Core or Existing Core (includes materials and labor)    $44.00
New Key    $ 2.00


*All materials are furnished by Facilities Maintenance & Operations