RU Chemistry Club Earns National Honor

The American Chemical Society awarded the RU Chemistry Club with the 2011-2012 Commendable Chapter Award.  "Essentially, this means that the ACS likes what we're doing to promote our club and chemistry in general, and hopes that other clubs across the nation will follow suit," says 2011-2012 club president Jacob Shelton.

Shelton says that it's truly amazing to think about how much our daily lives are influenced by chemistry.  "All of our outreach efforts have been devoted to illustrating this point and to show that chemistry isn't just a field of science, but a way of life that we all participate in.  Most of all, it's really a lot of fun," says Shelton.

The Chemistry Club's 40 members perform chemistry demonstrations for local children, and assists the chemistry department in the RU Science Exploration Day, which has helped local boy scouts and girl scouts obtain the chemistry merit badge.

The club also participates in campus-wide events such as Club Fair, Earth Day, and The Highlanders Festival in order to promote the organization and its goals.  Last year, the group performed a chemistry demonstration for the residents of the Floyd Hall dormitory.

Shelton says, "overall, we have been commended for promoting chemistry both inside and outside the classroom, and we plan to continue doing just that!"

Jan 31, 2013
Ann Brown