Dr. Harakas and Lizabeth Thomas publish article on bringing lampworking to students


Dr. Harakas and Lizabeth Thomas (chemistry graduate, 2021) published an article in The Journal of Chemical Education titled “Teaching Your Students How to Manipulate Molten Glass. Lampworking: Chemistry’s Original “Maker Movement”. This manuscript was created to help instructors introduce lampworking into their Chemistry courses. Lampworking is the manipulation of hot glass using a torch or Bunsen burner. It is a vital skill for Chemists to have as the majority of their equipment is made from glass. Lampworking skills are the first step for students interested in learning artistic or scientific glassblowing. Lizabeth’s work was vital in creating a series of YouTube videos demonstrating beginner, intermediate, and advanced lampworking techniques. Dr. Harakas has offered lampworking events for the Chemistry Department, Honors college, and teaches scientific glassblowing in his Advanced Inorganic Chemistry course. This publication has been selected as a supplemental (digital) cover for the Journal of Chemical Education. The full text can be viewed at https://pubs.acs.org.

Sep 22, 2021
Department of Chemistry