Course Proposal and Assessment Forms

The Core Curriculum Advisory Committee reviews proposals for new courses to be included in the Core Curriculum as well as changes in existing Core Curriculum courses. This page contains instructions for preparing these proposals and shepherding them through the proposal process.

The Approval Process for Core Curriculum Courses

Each proposal generated from within an academic department must obtain the following approvals:

  1. Departmental curriculum committee
  2. Department Chair
  3. College curriculum committee
  4. College Dean
  5. Core Curriculum Advisory Committee
  6. Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee
  7. Faculty Senate (as a whole)
  8. Undergraduate Curriculum and Catalog Review Committee

Once each committee has signed off on the proposal, the proposal will go into effect. Proposals should be submitted both electronically and on paper, due to the need to collect signatures. When a proposal leaves the college curriculum committee for CCAC, the paper version should be sent to Laurie Cubbison through campus mail at P.O. Box 6935 and she will bring it before CCAC. The electronic version should be sent to Laurie Cubbison and the current CCAC chair through email.

Contact us for further information and assistance

Nicole Hendrix       Director of Core Curriculum    540-831-6161