The Core Curriculum Advisory Committee reviews course proposals and makes recommendations for or against inclusion in the Core Curriculum, develops and supervises an assessment plan for the Core Curriculum, considers assessment reports on the effectiveness of the curriculum or elements thereof, recommends curricular programmatic modifications based on assessment results, and reviews and comments on recommendations concerning the Core Curriculum.

Committee members

  • CSAT - Science
  •  Education and Human Development
  •  CHBS - Social Sciences
  •  CHBS - Humanities
  •  CHBS - at large
  •  CSAT - Math and Information Technology
  •  COBE - Business and Economics
  •  Waldron - Health and Human Services
  •  CVPA - Visual and Performing Arts
  •  student representative
  • Dr. Nicole Hendrix, Core Director (non-voting)
  •  Associate Director of Academic Assessment (non-voting)
  •  Core Instructors (non-voting)