Core Characteristics

Advising Issues

Students are advised to take CORE 101 during their first semester of enrollment or receive transfer course equivalency credit. In addition, students are advised to take University Core A courses in sequence each semester, excluding summers, until the sequence is successfully completed.

So that a student’s RU education might have as much disciplinary breadth as possible, students must fulfill core curriculum requirements with courses with prefixes different from that of their major.  An exception may be made for one coursein Goals 5-11 and either a CORE 201 or CORE 202 equivalent. Furthermore, students are restricted from taking more than one course with the same prefix to fulfill requirements in University Core B; and students are restricted from taking more than one course with the same prefix to fulfill requirements in College Core A. 

Course Characteristics

All courses will be at the 100- or 200-level. Exceptions will be made for courses whose enrollment may be determined by placement exams (e.g., intermediate or advanced foreign language courses). 

Courses must meet all learning outcomes established for any area in which they are listed. 

All courses (with the exceptions of University Core A and the second course in a two-course sequence) will introduce students to a broad academic discipline or field of study. As introductory courses, they do not assume any post-secondary study of the subject. 

Program Organization

To ensure that students are able to fulfill degree requirements and plan schedules accordingly, courses will be offered multiple times each academic year and multiple faculty members must be capable of teaching each course.  

Within University Core B, individual courses will be listed under a single area. While a course may be listed in both University Core B and College Core A, it can only be used to fulfill a single area requirement. 

Menus of courses for University Core B and College Core B will be identical, with the addition health and wellness, foreign languages, and statistics to College Core B. In College Core B, colleges may limit the menu of courses to a specific area or subset of courses. Colleges may also grant individual departments the flexibility to limit the menu to a specific area or subset of courses or to allow individual students to select from the full menu of options.

Assessment and Review

Each of the courses in the core curriculum will be assessed every three years. As part of the assessment, departments will be required to provide information about the frequency of course offerings, number of students enrolled, and number of faculty teaching the course. Courses must demonstrate that they maintain the core curriculum characteristics (as described above). Departments will be given one year to revise courses that do not meet these criteria; following that year, those courses not in compliance will be recommended for removal from the core curriculum.

Revised May 24, 2011