Visual and Performing Arts (Required 3 Hours)

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ART 100
Art Appreciation Three hours lecture with visual images, mini-lab, and on-campus gallery visits. An introduction to a range of visual arts media through examination of techniques, limited hands-on experience, and analysis of the ways in which the visual arts impact our lives. Students will learn about of the elements of art, how to distinguish basic styles, and develop a general understanding of the role art has played throughout Western history.
ART 215
Art History Prehistoric to Gothic
Three hours lecture. Prehistoric to Gothic. Three hours lecture. A survey of the history of art using digital media, lectures and discussion to examine interactions between styles, the emergence of civilization, and cultural influences. The course begins with prehistoric cave painting, and continues through the late Gothic period. Painting, sculpture, architecture and other media are examined with a focus on arts of the western world.
ART 216 Art History Renaissance to
Three hours lecture.  Renaissance to Contemporary. Three hours lecture. A survey of the history of art using digital media, lectures and discussion. Beginning at the end of the Gothic period, the course progresses from the Renaissance through the end of the 20th century, focusing on questions of style, patronage and politics, and the impact of historical changes on art. Painting, sculpture and architecture are examined through a focus on arts of the western world.
CVPA 266 Travel Study in Visual and
Performing Arts
Three hours lecture. Academic study involving international travel. Locations and study focus vary with each section but may include Greece (for art), Italy (for music), England (for theater) and so on.
DNCE 111
Dance Appreciation Three hours lecture.  This is a web based course, meaning that the class instruction, discussion, and movement analysis will take place in cyberspace. Taking a global perspective, we will engage in an experimental multidisciplinary dialogue on the historical, cultural and political dimensions of various dance genres such as Ballet, West African, Butoh and others. By the completion of this course you should have a more critical understanding of dance and a deeper appreciation for its contribution to visual culture in particular and society in general.
MUSC 100
Introduction to Music Three hours lecture.  Examination of music literature of all periods; emphasis on standard concert repertory. Development of essential listening skills and understanding of music of other cultures. Required of all music majors and open to students in other curricula. 
MUSC 121 The Art of Music Three hours lecture.  Introduction to elements of music. Study of important forms, styles and media of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical,  Romantic and 20th-century music. For nonmusic majors.
MUSC 123
The Art of Jazz Three hours lecture.  Study of the basic elements and history of jazz music through lectures and listening. Class covers all styles from Dixieland, Big Band Swing era, Bebop, Cool, Hard Bop, Free Jazz, Fusion, Latin Jazz, and current artists and styles. 
THEA 100
Theatre Appreciation Three hours lecture.  An introduction to the art of theatre and dramatic literature through lectures and discussion of basic artistic components involved in the theatrical process.  Attendance at theatrical productions is a major component to the course.
THEA 180 Introduction of World Cinema
Three hours lecture.  A study of the cinematic arts from its inception to current times.  The focus will be on the aesthetic, technological, economic, and geopolitical historical progression of the cinematic arts.