Social & Behavioral Sciences or Health & Wellness

Course Number Course Title Course Description
HLTH 111 
Personal Health Three hours lecture.  Assists students with life adjustment problems, supplies scientific information, stimulates effective behavior and encourages better living. (Students who have earned credit for NURS 111 may not earn credit for HLTH 111).
HLTH 200 Wellness & Lifestyle Two hours lecture, two hours physical activity per week with laboratory assessment.  Provides students with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves healthy and fit for life. The lecture provides information on health knowledge. The activity classes introduce a variety of fitness skills and techniques in order to help the individual pursue lifetime fitness. The laboratory assessments provide personal health/wellness data. All three components are integrated to promote a commitment to a wellness lifestyle. 
NURS 111
Personal Health Three hours lecture. Emphasizes current health issues most applicable to college-age population. Students exposed to information and strategies used to deal effectively with life adjustment problems and to promote healthful living habits. (Students who have earned credit for HLTH 111 may not earn credit for NURS 111). 
NUTR 214 Introduction to Nutrition Three hours lecture. A study of the relationship of nutrition to health at various stages of life and in different lifestyles. 
RCPT 200
Leisure in Contemporary Society
Three hours lecture. Prerequisites: Freshman or sophomore standing; or permission of chairperson. Examines the growth and development of leisure as an industry and the importance of leisure experiences in the lives of individuals.  Emphasis is on understanding the physical, psychosocial, economic, political, and experiential aspects of leisure.