Student Venture Lab

Venture Lab From Ideas to Value. Learn. Discover. Adjust. Test. Pivot. The ciricle of the graphic shows the thought process of ideas to value from creating a minimum viable product (MVP), to formulating or revising hypotheses, to validating.

The Student Venture Lab is a bridge between idea and first sale. It is developed and administered by the Center for Innovation and Analytics and will work with students to determine the pathway between idea and concept launch. With the increased attention on MakerSpaces and entrepreneurial activity by students at Radford Univerity, there is a need to provide students with a way to discover and grow "Value in Their Ideas." The Venture Lab is designed to counsel students as they formalize, develop, and strengthen innovation efforts. This service is free of charge to students and no equity is taken by the Center nor Radford University. 

Key Benefits for Students:

  • Weekly drop-in sessions with faculty and start-up experts
  • Guidance and instruction on how to test hypotheses