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COBE Summer Pay Policy 2015

Action Required

MM, Sum I, Sum III

Sum II

First review of enrollments

March 30

March 30

Second review of enrollments

April 27

June 8

Assignments and compensation  entered into FLAC system by

May 1

June 12

Faculty response

May 8

June 22

Term starts

May 18

June 29

The chairs, in consultation with and approval by the dean, will schedule summer school classes in such a way that student needs are met with the most efficient application of instructional resources possible.

The chairs, in consultation with and approval by the dean, will periodically review the summer school schedule, along with course enrollments, according to the schedule given above. First review conducted before registration opens for Fall. Second review, two weeks after registration for Fall is closed. Registration for summer classes remains open until the day before the term starts.

In general, the level of compensation will be affected by enrollment. Compensation will be finalized two weeks prior to the start of a term. Faculty are expected to respond to the compensation offer within one week via the FLAC system. Courses may be reassigned to another instructor if the assigned faculty does not accept within this time period.

Supervision of an Applied Project (MBA), Directed Study (MBA), Independent Study or Internship (undergraduate) will be paid at a rate of $300 per student enrolled for 3 credit hours.