Join us in celebrating this symbol of the relationship between Radford University students and their alma mater.

We invite you to capture your rendition of the university’s song and post it on social media with the hashtag #RadfordAlmaMater. 

We’ll share them on our university-wide social media channels and celebrate with you!

Support Radford University as it continues its goal of offering educational opportunities to deserving and dedicated students.


Have you ever heard the Alma Mater? Currently, it is a feature at each commencement ceremony and some athletic events. 

The song was written by music education faculty member Florence Campbell Baird in 1914. the Alma Mater was a common bond among graduates until the 1972-1973 academic year, when Radford became co-educational. In 1999, President Douglas Covington revived the Alma Mater for the 2000 Founders Day celebration.

For generations, the Alma Mater was a symbol of Radford students’ dedication to their institution and the college’s dedication to its students. It honors the university’s lofty goal of providing the knowledge and skills students need to be successful upon graduation and in their future.