Merger Milestones

2018 Milestones

January 2018: Radford University, Jefferson College of Health Sciences and Carilion Clinic announce the intention to merge Jefferson College into the Radford University family of colleges and departments, primarily Waldron College of Health and Human Services.

March 2018: An Executive Committee, Steering Committee and subcommittees are formed to plan the merger, composed of leaders from Radford University, Jefferson College and Carilion Clinic. Subcommittees focus on Academic Programs and Accreditations, Student Services, Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology and Communications.

May 2018: Radford University President Dr. Brian O. Hemphill leads town hall meetings at both Jefferson College and Radford University to provide faculty, staff and administration with an update on merger planning.

May 2018: Admissions representatives from Jefferson College begin recruiting students for fall 2019. The prospective students will attend a campus focused on health sciences in Roanoke as Radford University students with access to Carilion Clinic resources, providing them with a unique experience they won’t find elsewhere in the Commonwealth.

July 2018: It is announced that the following Jefferson College programs will be accepted and fully integrated into Radford University’s portfolio:

  • Emergency Services (Bachelor of Science);
  • Nursing – Accelerated (Bachelor of Science);
  • Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner (Master of Science);
  • Nursing – Nursing Administration (Master of Science);
  • Occupational Therapy (Doctorate);
  • Physician Assistant (Master of Science); and
  • Respiratory Therapy (Bachelor of Science).

Additionally, the Jefferson College programs in Nursing Post-Licensure (RN to BSN) and Occupational Therapy (Master of Science) will accept Radford University’s curriculum and discontinue current curriculum.

Jefferson College programs in Physical Therapy Assistant (Associate of Applied Science) and Surgical Technician (Associate of Applied Science) will be part of a teach-out at Radford University and are proposed for transfer to Virginia Western Community College, pending review and action of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

August 2018: More information about the home of Jefferson academic programs is announced, including:

  • The Medical Laboratory Science (Bachelor of Science and Certificate) programs will be added to the curriculum and offerings in Radford University’s Artis College of Science and Technology in the Department of Biology.
  • The Biomedical Sciences (Bachelor of Science) program also will be housed within the Department of Biology of Artis College.
  • The Nursing: Pre-License (Bachelor of Science) program will accept the Radford University curriculum with the addition of online classes and new electives.
  • The Biology and Chemistry minors will transition into the existing Radford University program of study.

In addition, pending state and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) approval, the current Occupational Therapy Assistant (Associate of Applied Science) program will be taught out at Radford University and a new Occupational Therapy Assistant (Bachelor of Science) program will be developed.

It also is announced that the following Jefferson College programs will be accepted and fully integrated into Radford University’s academic portfolio and will be housed within a new department in the Waldron College of Health and Human Services:

  • Healthcare Administration (Master of Science);
  • Healthcare Management (Bachelor of Science);
  • Health Sciences (Doctorate);
  • Health Sciences (Bachelor of Science); and
  • Public Health (Bachelor of Science).

September 2018: Radford University begins hosting benefits information sessions for Jefferson College employees in anticipation of their transition to Radford University employment.

November 2018: Radford University begins distributing “letters of intention to hire” to Jefferson College employees, providing details on the position those employees will be offered at Radford and in which department. The letters are delivered by hand to each employee by members of leadership from Radford and Jefferson. This allows employees to ask questions and provide feedback face-to-face. The distribution of letters of intention to hire continues monthly in batches with all Jefferson College employees scheduled to receive letters by March 2019 at the latest. Employees accepting the new positions will be formally welcomed into the Radford family after the merger is completed in summer 2019.  

2019 Milestones

January 2019: Virginia General Assembly begins meeting. Among the topics covered in this session will be the approval of the merger of Jefferson College into Radford University.

January 2019: Radford, Carilion and Jefferson begin work with an external agency on developing a new name and brand identity for the Roanoke-based entity that will result from the merger. The name and brand are expected to be announced in spring 2019.

March 2019: The prospectus on the merger is due to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) for review. The final review will take place at the group’s June 2019 meeting. If approved, the merger will be completed within 30 days of approval.

July 2019: Formal transition of ownership of Jefferson College to Radford University is expected as the merger is completed. Jefferson College employees who have accepted employment with Radford University become part of the Radford family. Jefferson students will complete the summer term as planned, and will become Radford students beginning with the fall semester.

August 2019: Students begin classes at the Roanoke-based location as students of Radford University.