ITEC Peer Tutor and Peer Instructor Hours

Spring 2018

ITEC 109, ITEC 120, and ITEC 220 students may seek help from
Peer Instructors and Peer Tutors in the computer labs during these hours:

Davis 225 lab

     MON   11am-noon    David Gibson       
     MON   1pm-2pm      David Gibson
     MON   2pm-3pm      Collier Cristanti  

     TUE   10:45am-noon Carlie Addicks          
     WED   11am-noon    David Gibson 
     WED   1pm-2pm      David Gibson
     Wed   2pm-3pm      Collier Cristanti      

     THR   10:45am-noon Carlie Addicks
     THR   5pm-7pm      David Gibson           

     FRI   9am-10am     Andrew McGuiness 
     FRI   11am-noon    Andrew McGuiness
     FRI   1pm-2pm      David Gibson  

Davis 114 lab

     MON   noon-1pm     Chase Brittain 
     MON   1-2pm        Cheyenne Anderson  
     MON   3-4pm        Cheyenne Anderson & Cassidy Sowards   

     TUE   3:15-4:15pm  Jonathan Charnock     
     TUE   3:30-4:30pm  Ricky Leitao     

     WED   noon-1pm     Chase Brittain  
     WED   1-2pm        Cheyenne Anderson 
     WED   3-4pm        Cheyenne Anderson & Cassidy Sowards & Ricky Leitao    
     WED   6pm-8pm      Brian Etzel   

     THR   3:30-4:30pm  Ricky Leitao       

     FRI   noon-1pm     Chase Brittain  
     FRI   1-2pm        Cheyenne Anderson  
     FRI   3-4pm        Cheyenne Anderson 


Peer Instructor assignments

Each section of 109, 120, and 220 has a Peer Instructor who helps with the scheduled labs.
Those are:

   Davis 225
      ITEC 220     8am MW   Andrew McGuiness 
      ITEC 220     9am MW   Andrew McGuiness & Collier Crisanti 

   Davis 114
      ITEC 120    10am MWF  Chase Brittain & Jonathan Charnock     
      ITEC 120    11am MWF  Chase Brittain & Jonathan Charnock 
      ITEC 120     2pm MWF  Ricky Leitao & Cheyenne Anderson 

      ITEC 109     8am TH   Cassidy Sowards 
ITEC 109 9:30am TH Carlie Addicks & Chris Rand
ITEC 109 11am TH Brian Etzel & David Gibson