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Rules: all-regionals;


python3, java, c++

ICPC Foundation

Contest Registration

This page provides background on registration for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Contest. Registration is a three step process.

  1. The Coach needs to login at the ICPC page, and create teams by selecting The 20xx Mid-Atlantic Regional Contest. (Adding students to teams can be done later.)
    (Other contests, such as the North American Qualifier, entail making separate teams.)
    New-coach instructions are at I am a Coach in the lower-left.
  2. Payment for each team must be received (see the fee information below).
  3. Contestants information must be entered at the ICPC page. The deadline for doing this is typically the late-fee deadline.

That form asks the coach to specify their preferred contest site. Assignments to sites are subject to availability and will not be made until the registration fee is received. A team will not be considered registered (thus will not be assigned to a site) until its fee has been received.

Teams from other regions wishing to register for this region must contact the Director of Regional Contests, Jim Comer, to receive permission to switch affiliations. Please make sure to indicate 1) the correct geographic region, 2) the site within the Mid-Atlantic region at which you wish to participate, and 3) the reason for the switch. Switches are considered if the site at which you wish to participate is geographically closer than the location of the correct region's contest.

Registration Fee

The on-time registration fee of $135 per team is due the night of October 4, 2019. A late-registration (late fee $50/team) is due night of October 11, 2019. Teams that have not paid by the late deadline will be removed from the roster. Guests and attending reserve-contestants are $35 each. (No charge for including a reserve member to a team, if only 3 students/team will attend.)

  • Pay via credit card.
    (This entails a fee (~3%) from our card-payment service, which we pass along.)
  • There is no option to pay registration fees with check or money order for this year


A team can withdraw from the contest at any time, but notification of withdrawal must be received by October 4 for a refund. Teams withdrawing on/after October 5 will not receive a refund. (In the unlikely event we must cancel a team for administrative reasons, a refund will be provided.)