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ABP Bylaws

The name of this group shall be the Association of Black Professionals at Radford University.

The purposes of the Association are to (a) promote the well-being of the Radford University Black community, (b) advocate for and assist in recruitment and retention of Radford University Black faculty, staff and students within the academic community.

The functions of the Association shall be to (a) support mentoring of Black faculty, staff and students (b) conduct regular meetings of the Association; (c) provide liaisons to various groups concerned with or related to the RU Black community; (d) recognize achievements within the Black community and to promote and enhance relationships and cooperation with various campus organizations that share concerns for Black faculty, staff and student development; (e) assist the University in the identification, recruiting and retention of Black faculty, staff and students; (f) conduct and annual institutional audit of the status of Black faculty, staff and students in the university community and (g) provide the University ideas, strategies and recommendations to better achieve diversity.

Meeting will be determined by members voting at the first Fall meeting in a location to be announced prior to the meeting.

Annual dues will be determined by the members voting at the first Fall meeting and shall be payable on or before the dates established at the meeting.

Section 1 - Eligibility: All interested full-time and part-time Black faculty and staff (current or retired) , current graduate students and other university employees who identify with the purposed of this association are eligible to participate in the Association.

This Association does not discriminate with regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, national origin, religion or political affiliation in its membership or in its programs or activities.

If this Association sponsors a public event in the University facilities or received University funding for any event, it will permit equal and open access to that event by all members of the Radford University community.

Section 2 - Composition: The Association will be composed of Officers and Committee Chairpersons (known collectively as the Executive Council), members, standing committees for scholarship, social events, programming, membership, and fundraising, and special purpose committees as determined by the President of the Association.

Section 1 - Titles: The officers of the Association will be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2 - Qualifications of Officers: Any faculty or staff member (current or retired) or current graduate student in good standing with the university, and is current on Association dues, is qualified to hold office.

Section 3 - Nomination of Officers: Nomination of Officers will occur during the first September meeting or whenever a vacancy occurs. The nomination process will consist of verbal or written announcements from any member and acceptance by the nominee.

Section 4 - Elections: Elections will be held in September following a nomination process or whenever a vacancy occurs. All Officers will be elected by ballot vote. Elections will be determined by a plurality of votes cast. Elections will be held at the next scheduled meeting after the nomination process.

Section 5 – Committee Chairpersonships: Committee Chairpersons shall be considered members of the Executive Council. Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the majority of the standing members of the Executive Council and serve a term of one year. Officers may also serve as Committee Chairpersons, and members may serve as chairperson of multiple committees.

Section 1 - Terms of Office: Members elected to hold office will serve a term of two years. Terms will begin October 1 of the election year and end September 30 two years later. No member shall concurrently hold more than one office, and no member shall be eligible to serve more than one consecutive term in the same office.

Section 2 - Vacancies: If a vacancy occurs for the position of President, the Vice President will assume the position. If a vacancy occurs for the positions of Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer the members will elect new officers by a plurality of votes.

Section 3 - Removal of Officers: Officers may be removed from their position by a plurality of ballot votes cast by members. Officers will be given an opportunity to address allegations before the removal process is initiated.

The President will preside at all meetings, call special meetings, act as official representative for the association, administer and execute all rules, appoint any special purpose committees with approval of the Executive council and appoint any other positions as deemed necessary.

The Vice President will assume the duties of the President in case of absence, removal or disability. The Vice President will oversee functions of all committees and will perform other duties as assigned by the President.

The Secretary will record all minutes, keep official records of all meetings, distribute minutes to all members, schedule the meeting place, inform all members of meetings and provide a calendar of events.

The Treasurer will collect dues, keep all receipts and record s of expenditures, manage the bank account and report on the treasury at each meeting.

Section 1 - Proposals: Any member wanting an amendment to the bylaws will write a proposal and present it to the Executive council and members. Upon approval of the Executive Council, the proposal will come to a vote, simple majority rules.

Section 2 - Approval: Revisions to the bylaws must be approved by the Executive Assistant to the President of the University.

The Association organized in order to revitalize and empower ourselves, build financial stability, improve communication between organizations with shared interest and provide training and continuing education.

The Association of Black Professionals at Radford University is always looking to work with organizations which share our interests and purposes. Co-sponsorships may be arranged by contacting the President of this Association.

The Association will abide by all policies and procedures of Radford University, the laws of the city of Radford and the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the constitution and laws of the United States of America. Any policies or laws applying to individuals also apply to university-recognized organizations.


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