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ABP Membership Application

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Excerpt from the Bylaws:

Section 1 - Eligibility: All interested full-time and part-time Black faculty and staff (current or retired) and other university employees who identify with the purposed of this association are eligible to participate in the Association.

This association does not discriminate with regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, national origin, religion or political affiliation in its membership or in its programs or activities.

If this organization sponsors a public event in the University facilities or received University funding for any event, it will permit equal and open access to that event by all members of the Radford University community.

Section 2 - Composition: The Association will be composed of members, officers, Executive Council, standing committees for scholarship, social events, programming , membership, fundraising and special purpose committees.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this association, or if you wish to renew your membership for the year, please print this page, complete the application, and mail it along with your membership dues ($10/yr) to:  ABP - Membership, P. O. Box 7026 - RU Campus, Radford, VA 24142

Your dues will be used to help cover the expenses of the operation for the year.  A monthly financial report is given at each general membership meeting. Thank you for joining us.  You will receive notices by mail and/or email regarding the meetings, newsletters, etc. 

Name:    _______________________________________________

Dept:    ________________________________________________

Phone:  ________________________Office     ___________ Home

Campus Address:    Box __________________________________

Email Address: __________________________________________

Please indicate if you would like to volunteer for any of the following committee by circling your choice.

                Membership        Scholarship        Finance/Fundraising        Programming


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