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RU PlanetariumPlanetarium Offers Tour of the Universe from the Comfort of a Tartan-clad Chair

Do you know what Galileo saw when he looked up at the stars . . . or how the explorers of Monocaya navigated their way around the world using only the heavens as their guide? Astronomy professor Rhett Herman can show you in Radford University’s own planetarium in Curie Hall.
Written by Ann Hillenbrand, Produced by Brad Hester

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Planetarium shows are offered every Tuesday and Thursday evening, at 7:30 p.m., through May and are free of charge and open to anyone to attend. "Sky Tour" shows are offered the first Tuesday and Thursday of each month and show what can be seen in the night sky each month. These shows last about 25 minutes. Special multimedia shows are offered the rest of the month. For a list of these shows, and the entire schedule, visit the planetarium website at

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