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Producing an effective publication for your department or program is an important component in recruiting students and creating awareness of and support for the impact faculty, staff, students and alumni are making at RU. Creative Services will help you create an attractive, effective communication tool.

Entering a Publication for Production

Before coming to Creative Services to enter your job:

  • determine the quantity of the publication you need;
  • know the charge code to which the publication will be billed;
  • know your budget and bring in any samples you like from other organizations or schools;
  • have the text that will go in the brochure and photos or images you prefer on hand. If you don’t have text and need help writing your publication, that’s okay. We have writers here who can help. In writing copy, think about your audience, the goal of your publication and include program information, a call to action and contact information.

We will need all of this information to fill out a job entry form when you first come to us to enter your job.

Now you’re ready to enter the job. Call 831-6255 to schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director of Creative Services. That person will help you evaluate your goals and decide the appropriate vehicle in which to disseminate your message. You are now approximately six weeks (depending on the complexity of the project) away from having your publication in your hands.

Copy Review/Writing
After you’ve entered the job, the process in Creative Services begins. First, copy you brought in will be reviewed and approved or a writer will be assigned to assist you. This process takes approximately two weeks, depending on the complexity of your project.

At this point, a graphic designer takes the copy and your ideas and puts them into motion. The designer will pick the appropriate paper, publication size and ink color(s) and begin designing your job, taking into account your preferences and goals. This process takes approximately two weeks, depending on the scope of the project. The designer will also bid the job to printers, which can take up to three weeks (depending on the complexity of the project) if printing costs exceed $2,000. When the design is finished, you, along with a University Relations editor, will be asked to proof, approve and sign off on the job. The job will not be sent to a printer without these signatures. The main goal of the writers and designers in the University Relations Office is to produce a top-notch, accurate and eye-catching publication. We appreciate and need your input and any changes you require as early as possible during publication, so please be open and candid. To produce the best publication, open and direct communication is essential.

The designer coordinates the printing of your publication; you will be asked to approve a printing proof. The printing process takes approximately two weeks and the printer will deliver the final publication to the location of your choice.

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RU Identity

University Relations is made up of five distinct areas: the News Bureau, Marketing, Electronic Communications, Creative Services and Special Events. These offices have developed an identity plan for all university publications. Strength in our message and a corporate and professional look in our publications are extremely important. Because we strive to make all campus publications conform to this identity, departments should enter their publications through the Office of Creative Services. This will help ensure departments become familiar with and use the identity program and also will provide better flow of the production process.

Creative Services works closely with the campus printing department and sometimes your job may be referred to them. The personnel in printing are familiar with our identity program and have the latest in computer/digital technology to help with your publication needs.

If you have a question about whether your publication should be entered through our office or campus printing, please call Creative Services at ext. 6255.

For a complete guide to the publication process and to view the specifics of our identity program, please read our Publications Style Manual. You can also download various RU logos online.

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Photographic Services

University Relations provides photography services for specific needs related to university publications, news items, promotions, web sites, advertisements and marketing efforts. Digital photography is the office’s primary medium, but black and white and color prints and color slides can be provided when most appropriate. To request photography services, contact Karen Casteele at or 831-5182.

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Students and Interns

Student workers and interns employed in Creative Services play a vital role in the day-to-day production of publications. Most are art majors at the university but some interns are affiliated with other programs such as Communications. Students are assigned multiple projects requiring a wide range of skills. Their assignments require familiarity with the most up-to-date computer design programs and the latest technology available via the World Wide Web. Student workers and interns are able to enter their work into regional and national competitions and many have received prestigious recognition. While providing a valuable service to the university, these students are also developing impressive pieces for their own portfolios.

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