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Radford University Housekeeping Adopts Green Seal Certified Products
for Campus Building Cleaning

RADFORD --Not only is Radford University clean, but its sheen is being achieved with products that make RU greener.

The old chemicals and equipment used by RU Housekeeping, who provide the elbow grease that keeps RU sparkling, are being replaced by products that are Green Seal-certified and bear the mark of environmental responsibility, according to Don Barnes, director of housekeeping.

“As of now, 35 of RU’s buildings are using only Green Seal-certified products and that includes all of the university’s residence halls,” said Barnes. “These products are friendly to the environment and to people.”

Green Cleaning Products

A Green Seal Certification mark on a product means it has been evaluated to ensure a reduced impact on the environment and on human health. For example, Green Seal-approved household cleaners contain no carcinogens, reproductive toxins or mutagens, among other toxic compounds. They are not toxic to aquatic life, are biodegradable and animal testing is discouraged. The packaging of Green Seal-certified products contains post-consumer content and is recyclable or uses bags/pouches that reduce packaging, according to Green Seal, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services.

The new family of Green Seal-certified products that are being used replace over 30 different products that made up RU Housekeeping’s chemical cleaning inventory. The buildings being cleaned exclusively with these products will be marked with a seal designating them as Green Seal-certified.

“These products clean just as well as the old products and they have made us as efficient as we are environmentally responsible,” said Barnes.

In addition to transitioning to the new products, RU is now using “dilution control centers” to precisely dispense the products that are used for general purpose cleaning, floor mopping and cleaning of glass and hard surfaces among others. The key benefits of the “dilution control centers” are maximum efficiency in the use of the cleaning products and minimal exposure of the general public to the chemicals which compose the cleaning products.

Among the other initiatives implemented by RU Housekeeping to support RU’s sustainability efforts are:

  • Use of microfiber cloths for all cleaning cloths, mops and wet mops to cut down on waste and boost germ collection.
  • Use of 100 percent recycled material in all paper towels and toilet tissue across the campus.
  • Phasing out aerosols completely by replacing air fresheners with a wicking environmentally-friendly type.
  • Use of Green Seal certified foam hand soap in all public restrooms in the residence halls and in several other campus buildings.

“It really hasn’t been a hard change, but it has required us to learn different techniques,” said Barnes, whose housekeeping staff has had a series of training sessions and briefings on the new products and green-cleaning techniques.

July 22, 2010
Don Bowman; 540-831-7523

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