Perkin Warbeck 1857

The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck, A Romance. By Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.
A Hyptertext Edition
Originally Published in 1857 by G. Routledge & Co.
London: Farringdon Street; New York: 18, Beekman Street


Chapter I - XX ----------------------------------------------------------------

I. The Flight From Bosworth Field II. The Conference
III. Elizabeth Of York IV. Lady Brampton
V. The Interview VI. Lambert Simnel
VII. The Battle Of Newark VIII. The Discovery
IX. The Decoy X. The Escape
XI. The Exiles XII. The Challenge
XIII. Temptation XIV. The Traitor Punished
XV. The Landing At Cork XVI. New Friends
XVII. The French Court XVIII. TheToken
XIX. Cliffords Resolve XX. The Conspiracy

Chapter XXI - XL----------------------------------------------------------------

XXI. Treason XXII. Herman De Faro
XXIII. The Traitor Unmasked XXIV. The Tower
XXV. The Rescue XXVI. The Earl Of Surrey
XXVII. The Landing At Hythe XXVIII. The Parting
XXIX. Welcome To Scotland XXX. The Court Of Scotland
XXXI. The Marriage XXXII. The March Towards England
XXXIII. The Assassin XXXIV. Disappointment
XXXV. The Retreat XXXVI. Tidings From Ireland
XXXVII. Treachery XXXVIII. Depression
XXXIX. Seige Of Waterford XL. An Escape

Chapter XLI - LVIII ----------------------------------------------------------

XLI. Arrival In England XLII. ReceptionIn Cornwall
XLIII. Misgivings XLIV. A Challenge
XLV. Arrival At Taunton XLVI. A Prisnor
XLVII. A Dilemna XLVIII. Capture Of Katherine
XLIX. RichardnSurrenders L. A Procession
LI. AnnEscape LII. Treason
LIII. Death Of Clifford LIV. Imprisonment In The Tower
LV. Attempt To Escape LVI. The Trial
LVII. The Prison Of Ludgate LVIII. Conclusion


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