Dr. Burke's Personal Information

My Pastimes:


Tennis (Djokovic, beware!), working out (I'm huge), watching football (particularly the Washington Redskins - I'm am just too old to play - I think some of them are too!), watching baseball (I am the rare person that likes both the Yankees and Red Sox.  I also like the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League), playing softball (even though it has been years since I played), playing golf (it's ugly, but I try) and attempting to play racquetball (I need to stop playing it like tennis!)


In order of enjoyment:  comedies (my favorite movie is entitled It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and I love almost anything by Mel Brooks), musicals (who doesn't love The Wizard of Oz?), romantic-comedies (I will cry during the opening credits),  and horror (I am still terrified over The Exorcist) .  If others talk me into it, I'll watch just about anything thereafter.


Since I play the drums (in one of the pictures below), I pretty much like anything that has drum solos (not that I can play them, but I certainly like to hear them. Other than that, I enjoy musicals, oldies (50's and 60's), some classical music and new age.


I love musicals (do you see a theme?).  My favorites thus far have been Wicked, Avenue Q, Spamalot and The Producers.


While I'm not Martha Stewart or Julia Child (yet again, who is?), I do enjoy cooking.  My favorite dish is Lasagna (it's to die for).  I've been told my best dessert is my Black Russian cake (it's intoxicatingly delicious), but recently I've been told my chocolate mouse takes the number one spot.

Family, Friends and Students:

My family, friends and students (former and present) mean the most to me. Since I love to entertain, my home is open to all!


My Pictures:

On the mound

Playing basketball

Walking Tiger

Raising hand

Bar Mitzva

Police academy

In my office


Playing the drums

Grading in office


Simcha is hungry

Who, me?

Kabuki - Keep 'em coming

Side by Side: Tiger and Simcha

Steve and Sally Struthers

Sally Struthers cutting the cake

Sally Struthers and me

Stephen Campanella's Broadway picture

Birthday Princess

Surprising the professor

Prettiness at its prime

Crime Scene Photo

Pay attention to me!

Japanese Garden Waterfall

Pretty People Yet Again

Dave and April

Working with students

Wonderful neighbors

Are we done?

Steve, April and me at April and Dave's Wedding

Steve shaken it up with Latanya

Model picture 2

Model picture 5


 High school graduation


Police pinning ceremony

Getting ready for bed

Graduation with parents

Stephen and me

Holding a bat


Riding a horse

Mom and Dad in Florida

5 months old

All dressed up

Tiger:  Are you talking to me?

Faculty night out

Simcha: Entering Pet Door

Sally Struthers on couch

Sally Struthers holding cake

New York City Billboard

Sally Struthers in Ogunquit, Maine

Birthday at Kabuki

More surprises

Handsome couple

Sally and me

Sally, Danielle and me

Japanese Garden Pond

Graduation picture 2007

Latanya and April

Professional Tod

Bullet holes

Zach and Taylor

Steve and me at April and Dave's Wedding

Who's been a bad girl?

Dancing fool

Model picture 3

Santa's lap

Mirror mirror on the wall

Swing set

Mom and Dad WWII


Police car

Reading a book

Boat ride


My sisters

Bike ride in DC

Redskin game with students

Simcha: It's awfully bright!

Tiger and Simcha on bed

Sally Struthers and Tod

Sally Struthers with group and cake

Simcha napping

Dykes Lumber

Stephen Campanella and me in NYC

Three some

Radford Graduation

Party Balloons

Tiger and Sally - All Hugs

Japanese Garden Stream

Bakir and me at 2007 graduation

Dancing fools

Dinner friends


Wonderful colleagues

Taylor and Uncle Tod

The lovely couple - April and Dave

Model picture 1

Model picture 4


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