Reference Information
What I need from you

In order to facilitate my writing you a letter of recommendation, please do the following:

Be Sure You Meet My Criteria:

  1. You must have had at least one completed class with me;

  2. You must have earned an A or B in any classes youve had with me; and

  3. You must have demonstrated that you are a diligent student (i.e., regularly attend and participate in class, no cheating/plagiarism, no sleeping in class, etc.).

If You Meet These Criteria:

Type up a sheet containing the information listed below and give it to me in person, leave it in my mailbox, or e-mail me a copy in a Word document.  Please allow me at least 2 weeks to prepare your letter (as I often have many letters to write in a given semester).

  1. Your full name (and nickname if you have one)
  2. The position(s) you are applying for, and the mailing address(es) of the agencies (I need the mailing address of each agency/department/university even if you are picking the letter up)
  3. A list of all classes you have taken from me, including (a) course name, (b) semester, and (c) the grade you earned
  4. Your GPA - overall and within the major
  5. A current copy of your resume (complete with your current phone number, address and e-mail)
  6. How long we have known each other
  7. A  brief statement with any other information that you think would be useful to me (i.e., for a graduate school application, why you want a graduate degree.  Please note any clubs and organizations you belong and what position(s) you hold in those organizations).

Please note:  Most criminal justice agencies do NOT request letters of recommendation.  Rather, they will contact the reference either in person, by mail or by phone to conduct an interview.  If you apply to such an agency, please make sure you ask me before using me as a professional/personal reference (some law enforcement agencies will routinely contact professors, even if you do not place us down as a reference). 

Also, please make sure you read the agency/university application and complete the entire form before forwarding to me.  For example, some graduate/law schools will request that the applicant complete the top section of the form and the reference complete the bottom section.  Once completed by the reference, we are often asked to seal the letter and either mail it directly to the agency/university or sometimes mail it back to the applicant, where the applicant is asked to mail the entire packet to the agency/university.  Make sure you understand the procedures and let me know what you need done.

Good Luck!