Tod W. Burke

GUEST SPEAKING/MEDIA APPEARANCES (does not include print media)

October 3, 2017. Expert: Hard to determine if Las Vegas Massacre was preventable. WFIR radio. (Roanoke, VA).

October 2, 2017. Radford University criminal justice professor reacts to Las Vegas massacre. WDBJ7 (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

October 2, 2017. Analysis: Police limited in ability to prevent attacks like Las Vegas shooting: Dr. Tod Burke says there were many challenges facing police. WSLS10 (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

October 2, 2017. Carilion reacts to Trauma in Las Vegas. WFXR (FOX). (Roanoke, VA).

September 14, 2017. Free VIN etching event this Saturday in Roanoke. WFIR radio. (Roanoke, VA).

August 29, 2017. Virginia Tech, Radford experts discuss police using surplus military equipment: WDBJ7 (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

August 14, 2017. Criminal justice expert comments on police reaction in Charlottesville. WSLS10. (NBC).

August 14, 2017. Charlottesville becomes "learning experience" for law enforcement nationwide. WDBJ7 (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

August 13, 2017.  Police Response to Charlottesville Protest. WFXR TV (FOX). (Roanoke, VA).

August 12, 2017.  Criminal justice professor offers insight on police involvement in Charlottesville rally. WSLS10 TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

August 7, 2017. Police provide public training on their tactics. WSLS10 (NBC). TV (Roanoke, VA).

August 4, 2017. Law enforcement expert weighs in on escaped suspect. WXFR TV(FOX). (Roanoke, VA).

August 2, 2017. Violent crime in Roanoke holds steady after last year's increase bucks downward trend. WSLS10 TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

August 2, 2017. More than 20 teens arrested this summer on suspicion of serious, violent crimes.  WSLS10 TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

July 17, 2017. Minneapolis Police face questions after Australian woman shot. Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s National Breakfast Radio (Sydney, Australia).

June 14, 2017.  Local perspective on security risks: Dr. Tod Burke reacts to Wednesday's congressman shooting WSLS10 TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

June 13, 2017. RU Prof discusses prevention after several vehicle break-ins. WFIR Radio (Roanoke, VA).

May 31, 2017. Experts remind ATV riders how to stay safe: WFXR TV (FOX) (Roanoke, VA).

May 23, 2017. Local concert venues may take a second look at security: WDBJ7 TV (CBS).  (Roanoke, VA).

April 14, 2017. VT Police Department now sets an example for nation 10 years later. WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

March 27, 2017.  Trial date set for Keepers in death of Nicole Lovell. WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

March 16, 2017. Parents like push for ex-cops in schools. WFXR TV (FOX). (Roanoke, VA).

February 2, 2017. Bill to keep police names private during investigations moves forward. WSLS10 (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

January 13, 2017.  Friends, family name man shot by deputies in Giles County. WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

January 3, 2017.  Christiansburg robbery makes four bank heists in five weeks.  WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA). 

December 28, 2016.  The city of Chicago announces its rollout of police body-worn cameras by the end of 2017. WBEZ Radio (Chicago, IL).

December 12, 2016.  State trooper complied with pursuit policy in Rockbridge County chase. WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

November 11, 2016.  The use of body cameras by law enforcement.  Legal Talk Network Radio (Boston, MA).

October 25, 2016.  Radford Professor explains training police use for scenes like FreightCar America. WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

October 22, 2016.  Servant leadership and motivation.  Maryland DeMolay State Advisor’s Training Seminar.  (Linthicum, Maryland).

October 22, 2016.  A conversation about hazing.  Maryland DeMolay State Advisor’s Training Seminar.  (Linthicum, Maryland).

October 5, 2016.  Police body cameras as an investigative tool. Radio Sputnik World Service. (Moscow, Russia).

October 3, 2016.  Creepy clown calls: not exactly in the police academy curriculum.  WFIR radio (Roanoke, VA).

September 30, 2016.  Virginia Tech student protesting to bring concealed weapons to campus.  WSLS10 (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

September 22, 2016. Hazing:  Is this your legacy?  National Anti-Hazing Week. Radford University. (Radford, VA).

September 21, 2016.  Police strategies: What works and what doesn't. Rotary Club.  (Radford, VA).

September 14, 2016.  How police are confronting the use of body cameras. Happenings Q & A Radio. (Kenosha, Wisconsin).

September 13, 2016.  The Ferguson Effect and the increase in homicides in Chicago. KCBS Radio. (San Francisco, CA).

August 31, 2016.  Groups raise questions about use of police force in Roanoke County.  WDBJ7 (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

August 30, 2016.  Tracking sender of threatening VT email could be difficult. WDBJ7 (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

August 28, 2016.  Friends support Covington man after police standoff. WDBJ7 (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

August 23, 2016.  Locals react as stabbing investigation continues.  WFXR TV (FOX). (Roanoke, VA).

August 23, 2016.  What, who investigators could be checking after Roanoke County stabbing incident. WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

July 18, 2016.  Radford University criminal justice professor talks about recent violence.  WDBJ7 TV (Roanoke, VA).

July 15, 2016. Locals react to Nice, France attacks. WFXR TV (Roanoke, VA.)

July 11, 2016. Many police departments across the nation will remain on high alert following the Dallas shooting. WFIR Radio (Roanoke, VA).

July 8, 2016. Police agencies prepare to make policy adjustments after Dallas shooting: WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).  

July 8, 2016. Criminal Justice Expert speaks with KCBS radio regarding the actions taken by the Dallas Police Department in using a robot delivered bomb to kill one of the shooting suspects. KCBS Radio. (San Francisco).

July 7, 2016.  Local criminal justice experts talk about deadly force in wake of police shootings.  WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

July 7, 2016.  Local leader reacts to back to back shootings of black men.  WFXR TV (FOX). (Southwest Virginia).

July 6, 2016. Roanoke County police looking to add more bean bag guns for safety.  WSLS10 TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

July 6, 2016.  Criminal justice expert weighs in on Baton Rouge shooting. WSLS10 TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

June 29, 2016.  New state law requires drivers to wait to open door near moving traffic.  WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

June 28, 2016.  New Virginia law bans smoking in cars with children under 8.  WDBJ7 TV (CBS).  (Roanoke, VA).

May 26, 2016.  Police body cameras more questions than answers. WSLS10 TV (NBC. (Roanoke, VA).

May 20, 2016. With the resignation of San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr, how do police departments operate in the current climate where their every action is under a microscope? KCBS Radio. (San Francisco).

April 21, 2016. Police say keeping children safe is main priority when school threats happen. WSLS10 TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

April 19, 2016.  Expert explains how investigators handle bomb threats.  WDBJ7 TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

March 31, 2016.  Radford University students process mock crime scene on campus.
WSLS TV (NBC)(Roanoke, VA).

March 31, 2016. Radford students use realistic crime scene investigation to prepare for careers. WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

March 10, 2016.  “Will Paul Thomas’ sentencing affect Ashley White’s?”  WDBJ7 TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

March 4, 2016. “Criminal justice prof: early release of video, info of fatal police shooting can be harmful.”  WFIR Radio. (Roanoke, VA).  

March 3, 2016.  “Witness testimonies important in timeline in Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham cases.” WSLS TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

February 26-28, 2016.  "Servant leadership and motivation in DeMolay. Virginia DeMolay Advisor's Retreat. (Williamsburg, VA).

February 1, 2016.  “Radford prof: police may have suspects and victim’s body, but Lovell case will take a lot more work.” WFIR Radio. (Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA).

December 3, 2015.  “Expert offers opinion on First Amendment rights.” WSLS10 TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

October 15, 2015.  “Commenting anonymously online doesn’t stay secret.”  WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

October 5, 2015. “Crime and legal experts weigh in on Jesse Matthew’s future jury trials.” WSLS TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

July 16, 2015.  "Criminologist says solving a cold case is difficult, but not impossible." WFIR Radio (Lynchburg, VA).

June 19, 2015.  “Seventy-five percent of local police fall below national average in hiring female officers.” WSLS TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA.).

May 18, 2015.  “President Obama announces limitations on local police departments getting military equipment.” WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

May 12, 2015.  “Experts stress patience with body cameras on Roanoke police.” WSLS TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA.).

May 1, 2015.  “Following Freddie Gray, Radford students evaluate futures in law enforcement.” WSLS TV (NBC)/WFXR (Fox). (Roanoke, VA.).

April 20, 2015.  "Excessive or Proper Police Use of Force - You Make the Call: A Lesson in Organizational Behavior." Organizational Theory guest speaker. Radford University. (Radford, VA).

April 14, 2015. "Pay to Play cops in America: System of reserve deputies common in U.S." CTV News. (Toronto, Canada).

March 26, 2015.  "Police say California woman concocted fake abduction with boyfriend."  KCBS Radio.  (San Francisco, CA).

March 24, 2015.  "Time between Noah Thomas' last sighting and start of search critical."  WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

March 21, 2015. "Responsibility of VA’s Alcohol Beverage Control." WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

December 17, 2014. "Expert says police bribery case is unusual; local officers selected for larger task forces are usually the best." WFIR Radio. (Roanoke, VA).

December 9, 2014. "How police deal with crowd control. KCBS Radio." (San Francisco, CA).

December 4, 2014.  "Use of body cameras by New River Valley law enforcement is growing." WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

October 15, 2015. "Let's talk about race: Race relations in America.  Student Government Association."  Radford University. (Radford, VA).

October 13, 2014.  “Hannah Graham’s disappearance now one month old; investigators seek forensic links to unsolved murders.” WFIR Radio. (Roanoke, VA).

October 1, 2014.  "Virginia agencies take second look at cold cases after Matthew arrest." WSLS TV (NBC) WFXR (FOX). (Roanoke, VA).

September 30, 2014.  "Radford professor weighs in on forensic link." WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

September 24, 2014. “Making sense of the psychopathic mind.” WVTF Radio. (Charlottesville, VA).

September 23, 2014.  "Hazing.  Is this your legacy?"  National Hazing Prevention Week.  Radford University (Radford, VA).

September 18, 2014.  “Radford University professor talks about cold case, missing persons case.”  WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

September 9, 2014.  "The effects of militarization of the police on the local community." KCBS Radio. (San Francisco, CA).

August, 30, 2014.  “Danville falls victim to social media hoax: Purging.” WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

August, 19, 2014.  “Police body cams: Most local departments have a few or none.” WFIR Radio (Roanoke, VA).

August 18, 2014.  "Radford University professor talks about Ferguson situation." WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

June 26, 2014.  “Ruling on cell phone searches shouldn’t hinder investigations, police say.”  WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

May, 1, 2014. “Update: Randy Taylor trial starts in Nelson County.” WSLS TV (NBC)/WFXR (Fox). (Roanoke, VA).

February 28, 2014.  “Simple idea could have positive impact when officers encounter mental illness.”  WDBJ TV (CBS).  (Roanoke, VA).

February, 12, 2014.  "Radford expert says Hollywood to partially to blame for meth problem." WSLS TV (NBC). (Roanoke, VA).

December 24, 2013.  "Preventing thefts over the holidays." KCBS Radio. (San Francisco, CA).

December 6, 2013.  "Former detective talks about what's next in Jamisha Gilbert case." WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA.)

November 18, 2013.  “JFK assassination:  Radford University examines the evidence.” WVTF radio.  (Virginia Public Radio).

October 14, 2014.  "Same-sex domestic violence."  Radford University. (Radford, VA).

September 23, 2013.  “Defining a ‘person of interest.’” WSLS TV (NBC)/WFXR (FOX). (Roanoke, VA).

September, 4, 2014.  "Radford prof: even when damaged, cellphone in criminal cases still can provide plenty."  WFIR radio. (Roanoke, VA).

August 14, 1013.  “At least 100 tips a day come in for Alexis Murphy, now from across country.” WSLS TV (NBC)/WFXR (FOX). (Roanoke, VA).

August 7, 2013.  “Radford Prof: FBI involvement suggests signs of foul play in teen girl’s disappearance.”  WFIR radio. (Roanoke, VA).

June 4, 2013.  “Supreme Court DNA ruling will have little impact in Virginia: Radford University criminal justice professor says decision confirms Virginia approach.” WDBJ TV (CBS). (Roanoke, VA).

April 16, 2013.  "Radford University expert says first responders wired to run into danger."  WSLS TV (NBC)/WFXR (FOX). (Roanoke, VA).

February 21, 2013.  "Murder for hire." WFIR radio (Roanoke, VA).

January 21, 2012.  "Transporting inmates: A road to safety." Salem, VA. Sheriff's Department in-service training.

December 11, 2012.  “Informant charged with stealing from Montgomery Co. sheriff's office.”  WSLS TV (NBC)/WFXR (FOX). (Roanoke, VA).

October 20, 2012.  “A conversation about hazing.”  American Criminal Justice Association.  (Danville, VA).

September 29, 2012.  "Hedgepeth's friends still seek answers."  WCHL radio. (Chapel Hill, N.C.).

September 28, 2012. "Two Radford University professors raise awareness about the dangers of synthetic drugs." WSLS TV (NBC); WFXR (FOX). (Roanoke, VA)

September 24, 2012.  "Hazing: Is this your legacy?"  Anti-hazing prevention week.  Radford University. (Radford, VA).

September 12, 2012.  "Synthetic drugs:  An unnatural high."  Radford University Athletic Association.  (Radford, VA).

July 20, 2012.  "Police expert says security likely focus after Colorado shooting."  WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

July 12, 2012.  "Radford professor gives behind the scenes look at Presidential visit." WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

June 19, 2012. "Former cop: It's possible to gain a murder conviction even without a body."  WFIR Radio.  (Roanoke, VA).

June 18, 2012. "The legalization of marijuana: pros and cons."  KID News radio.  (Idaho Fall, ID).

June 7, 2012.  "California's Proposition 19: The decriminalization of marijuana."  KGO Radio (ABC) (San Francisco, CA).

April 4, 2012.  “Investigators using social network sites to help locate missing Chelsea woman.”  WVTM TV (NBC) (Birmingham, Alabama). 

January 13, 2012. “Alabama investigators give new details on the discovery of Shirley Hodges' remains.” WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

December 23, 2011.  “Radford professor says victim in Journell case may have feared gun was real.” WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

November 9, 2011. "A law enforcement background didn't help Grubbs avoid capture."  WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

November 8, 2011. "Criminal justice expert says catching former cop challenging." WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

November 3, 2011.  "Ex-Cons, No Jobs;" The difficulties of re-joining society with the stigma of "ex-con." WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

August 26, 2011.  "Criminal Justice expert says charges against a Radford 10-year old rare." WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

August 8, 2011. "Childs-Metzler case approaches two years."  WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

July 29, 2011.  "Bullying: what DeMolays should know." Virginia DeMolay Conclave.  Radford University (Radford, VA).

July 29, 2011. "The need for college educated police officers." Teen Police Academy.  Christiansburg Police Department (Christiansburg, VA).

July 12, 2011.  "Radford University professors take closer look at hazing." WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA)

July 11, 2011.  "Hazing on college campuses." With Good Reason. National Public Radio (Roanoke, VA).

July 4, 2011.  “Investigation into fatal BART station shooting.” KCBS radio (San Francisco, CA).

June 1, 2011.  "State police revisit sites were troopers, deputy, exchanged gunfire." WFIR Radio (Roanoke, VA).

May 31, 2011.  "Criminal justice expert says officer against officer violence is extremely rare." WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

May, 9, 2011.  "Student engagement through problem-based learning." Our Turn.  Radford University (Radford, VA).

December 14, 2010.  "Criminal justice expert says public shouldn't speculate about Easley, Smith surveillance video." WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

December 9, 2010. "Tod Burke speaks about Smith-Easley case." WDBJ (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

December 8, 2010.  "What to look for when a child is missing."  WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

October 21, 2010.  "Radford University students become investigators." WDBJ (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

August 16, 2010.  "Investigators must assume killer was watching news conference."  WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

August 13, 2010.  “Hazing:  Is it really a problem.” Delta Chi 57th International Convention.  (New Orleans, LA).

August 13, 2010.  “Bystander Effect.” Delta Chi 57th International Convention.  (New Orleans, LA).
August 13, 2010.  “Elementary parliamentary procedure 101: I second that.”  Delta Chi 57th International Convention.  (New Orleans, LA).

July 29, 2010:  "What works and what doesn't in forensic science and criminal investigation lab exercises." Forensic Sciences Educational Conference: American Academy of Forensic Sciences. (Radford University, Radford, VA).

July 15, 2010. "Radford University Professor: Could be tough to find news jurors for possible Wesley Earnest retrial." WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

July 7, 2010 & May 21, 2010.  "Innovations in Forensic Science: Crime Scene Investigation." National Institute of Justice Workshop.  Radford University (Radford, VA).

July 1, 2010. "State police link 2005 assault to Morgan Harrington murder." WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

June 23, 2010. "The effects of police budget cuts." KCBS Radio (San Francisco, CA).

May 19, 2010.  "How far should an officer go in a prostitution sting?" WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA)

May 17, 2010.  " FBI takes Short family murder investigation in new direction." WFIR Radio (Roanoke, VA).

April 22, 2010. "Scam targets national bank customers." WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

April 12, 2010. "Understanding bullying: Problems and Solutions." Highlander Day. Radford University (Radford, VA).

April 2, 2010.  "Identifying bullying behavior." Junior Open House.  Radford University
(Radford, VA).

March 20, 2010. "The dangers of cell phones in prison."  With Good Reason. National Public Radio (NPR). (Virginia).

February 2, 2010. "Correctional Policy: The impact of reading materials on a prisoner's chances for successful rehabilitation." KTRH radio (TX).

January 27, 2010.  "Forensic science expert weighs in on Harrington investigation." WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA)

January 27, 2010.  "Local forensic scientist offers insight into homicide investigations." WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA)

January 18, 2010.  "Tips pour in, but still no sign of missing Roanoke child." 
WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA)

January 14, 2010.  “Best Practices: Student and faculty research collaboration.”  Faculty Development Workshop.  Radford University.

November 5, 2009.  "Expert says search can help or hinder the Morgan Harrington investigation." WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA)

October 21, 2009.  "Police say time is critical in the investigation of missing Virginia Tech student" WDBJ TV (Roanoke, VA)

May 12, 2009. "Crime in relation to a bad economy."  WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA)

April 10, 2009.  "Bullying."  Jr. Open house.  Radford University (Radford, VA).

April 9, 2009.  "Radford students learn about domestic disputes."  WDBJ (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

April 4, 2009.  “Police discretion.” Highlander Day. Radford University (Radford, VA).

March 30, 2009. "The official account of the JFK Assassination." Virginia Department of Probation and Parole (Salem, VA).

March 27, 2009.  "Warning signs of workplace violence." WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

March 24, 2009. "Hazing: The college experience." Radford University (Radford, VA).

March 23, 2009.  "Officers killed in Oakland shootings." KCBS (CBS radio) (San Francisco, CA).

February 18, 2009. "Criminal Justice Career Tips.”  Criminal Justice Career Seminar. Radford University (Radford, VA).

February 16, 2009.  “Pedagogical strategies in the classroom. An examination of what works and what doesn’t.”  Faculty Development Workshop.  Radford University (Radford, VA).

January 13, 2009. "Cover Story: More cameras to fight crime?"  WBTV (CBS). (Charlotte, NC).

January 12, 2009. "Review of surveillance cameras in San Francisco." KCBS (CBS radio) (San Francisco, CA).

December 12, 2008.  "Reinvestigating the Kennedy assassination." Virginia News Network Radio (Richmond, VA).

December 10, 2008.  "Investigating the Kennedy assassination: New perspectives."  WDBJ (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

December 3, 2008.  "Savannah State shooting response analyzed."  WSAV (NBC) (Savannah, GA).

December 1, 2008:  "Parliamentary procedure." Presentation to Student Government Association.  Radford University (Radford, VA.)

October 15, 2008.  “Team Teaching for student engagement.” Faculty Development Workshop.  (Radford, VA).

September 18, 2008.  "How effective are sobriety checkpoints?" WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

July, 10, 2008.  "Myths about serial killers."  Radio live. (New Zealand).

May 15, 2008. "Radford University Professor says it's unlikely Randall Lee Smith was a serial killer." WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

April 2, 2008.  "Shootings at Virginia Tech:  One year later."  CBS 6 (Richmond, VA).

March 24, 2008.  “Invisible Closets, Hidden Victims: Exposing Same-Sex Domestic Violence.” Virginia Tech LGBT Caucus and Student Organization. (Blacksburg, VA).

March 20, 2008.  “Investigating aggravated assaults:  Could it be gangs?” WSLS TV (NBC) (Roanoke, VA).

March 17, 2008.  “Police officer fatigue.” KCBS Radio (San Francisco, CA).

February 26, 2008.  “Gunman at Ferrum College:  How should colleges respond to campus violence?”  WDBJ TV (CBS) (Roanoke, VA).

February 22, 2008. “Bond in involuntary manslaughter cases.” WSLS TV (Roanoke, VA).

February 7, 2008.  “Investigating burglaries.” WSLS TV (Roanoke, VA).

February 1, 2008.  “Investigating hit and run accidents.” WSLS TV (Roanoke, VA).

January 19, 2008.  "Parliamentary Procedure." Presentation to Student Government Association.  Radford University (Radford, VA.)

September 25, 2007.  “Interpreting Crime Rates.” WXLK/WLYK/WVTF radio.  (Roanoke, VA).

July 26, 2007.  “Are celebrities treated differently during the criminal justice process?” WDBJ TV, CBS (Roanoke, VA).

July 2, 2007:  “Video Vigilantes: The pros and cons to controversial videos place on the internet in relation to police-community relations.” WSLS TV, NBC. (Roanoke, VA).

April 30, 2007:  "Campus bomb threats."  WDBJ TV, CBS.  (Roanoke, VA).

April  18, 2007:  "Campus shootings and profiling mass murderers."  CBS TV (Richmond, VA); USA Today;  Roanoke Times (VA);  The Broadcaster (Tokyo Broadcasting System - Japanese equivalent of 60 Minutes); Washington City Paper; National Public Radio

April 18, 2007:  "Campus violence and campus shootings:  Where do we go from here?"  Library Staff Presentation.  Radford University (Radford, VA).

March 21, 2007.  "Police use of force." KCBS Radio.  (San Francisco, CA).

March 3, 2007. “Sentencing by juries.” WDBJ TV, CBS. (Roanoke, VA).

February 22, 2007.  "The value of DNA evidence." WDBJ, TV, CBS.  (Roanoke, VA).

February 13, 2007.  "Juveniles who participate in sting operations." WDBJ TV, CBS  & WSLS TV, NBC).  (Roanoke, VA).

January 24, 2007.  "Police and the media."  WSLS TV, NBC.  (Roanoke, VA).

December 18, 2006. “Using ‘YouTube’ to solve crimes.” KCBS Radio. (San Francisco, CA).

December 13, 2006.  “Would on-line sex offender registration serve as a deterrent?” WVTF Radio. (Roanoke, VA).

November 3, 2006.  “Police Corruption: How does it affect police agencies and the community?” WVTF Radio. (Roanoke, VA).   

October 31, 2006.  “Morgan Quitno’s Crime Statistics:  Are Crime Statistics Accurate?” WVTF Radio.  (Roanoke, VA).

October 2, 2006.  "School Shootings and Copy Cat Crimes." KCBS Radio.  (San Francisco, CA).

September 13, 2006.  “The William Morva Manhunt.” Virginia Tech TV.  (Blacksburg, VA).

August 28, 2006.  "JonBenet Ramsey Case:  False Confessions." KCBS Radio.   (San Francisco, CA).

August 21, 2006.  "The manhunt for William Morva." WDBJ TV.  (Roanoke, VA).

August 16, 2006.  "JonBenet Ramsey - what have we learned?" KCBS Radio.  (San Francisco, CA).

June 7, 2006.  “Gangs in Roanoke.” All Things Considered.  WVTF Radio. (Roanoke, VA).

May 23, 2006.  “Gangs in Roanoke.”  CBS TV ( Roanoke, VA).

March 29, 2006.  "Everything you need to know - serial killers." Discovery Channel.

February 20, 2006.  "Hazing: The college experience?" Professional Development Presentation. Radford University, Radford, VA.

January 20, 2006.  "Is video surveillance effective?" KMOX radio. (St. Louis, Missouri).

November 30, 2005.  "Pros and cons for informational rewards." NBC TV. (Roanoke, VA).

October 13, 2005.  "Same Sex Domestic Violence: Results and Concerns." Radford University Domestic Violence Conference.  Radford, VA.

October 8, 2005.  “School violence: A campus concern?” Radford University Homecoming.  Radford, VA.

August 12, 2005.  "Hazing on a college campus."  Our Turn.  Radford University.  Radford, VA (co-presenter: Dr. Stephen Owen).

June 9, 2005.  "School Violence: Warnings signs and prevention."  High School Counselor Workshop.  (Radford, VA).

March 22, 2005.  "Media and criminal justice."  Rotary Club.  (Radford, VA).

January 24, 2005.  “Animal abuse and human violence:  What’s the connection?”  Roanoke Higher Education Center (Roanoke, VA).

October 19 2004.  Team Teaching:  An Alternative Approach for Student Engagement  (co-presented with Dr. Stephen Owen).  Radford University (Radford, VA)

August 25, 2004.  “Profiling a double homicide in California.”  FOX LIVE NEWS.  (New York)

August 3, 2004.  "Gangs in Virginia." WVTF Radio.  (Roanoke, VA).

June 25, 2004.  “Violence in the workplace: A focus on the vulnerability of social service workers.”  Southwest Virginia Local Social Service Director’s Association.  (Hillsville, VA).

January 30, 2004.  "The evidence against Marcus Vick."  CBS TV. Roanoke, VA.

January 29, 2004.  "Violence on college campuses." Radford University (Radford, VA).

October 14, 2003.  "Same Sex Domestic Violence: Myth or Reality?"  Radford University GLBT.  (Radford, VA).

October 8, 2003.  "Exhuming a body." (NBC TV).  (Roanoke, VA).

August 18, 2003.  "West Virginia sniper case."  (NBC TV).  (Roanoke, VA).

July 28, 2003.  "Gangs in Roanoke."  WVTF Radio.  (Roanoke, VA).

March 27, 2003: ""Our genetic material: pros and cons to DNA databases." (Virginia Tech, VA).

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