Issues in Criminal Justice Syllabus

Spring, 2002
Dr. Tod W. Burke
CRJU 660, Section 01, Index #1339
Tuesday - 6:30-9:30 pm
Room: Young 407
Office Hours: Mon/Wed 2-4 pm (Subject to Change)
Phone: 831-6657 (w)  831-6075 (fax)


This course will examine current issues that impact the criminal justice system. Topics for discussion will include (but are not limited to): Criminological Theory, Issues in Diversity, Ethics in Criminal Justice, Public Policy Implications, Research Methods, Issues in Policing, Issues in Corrections, Terrorism, Criminal Law, Issues within the Courts, Specific Concerns in Criminal Procedure, Comparative Criminal Justice, Media and Crime, and Computer Crime. While theory is critical, I believe that application of theory is also paramount. Thus, we will explore practical implications to theoretical models/issues.


There will not be a required text for this class (yea!). However, the student will be expected to conduct out of class readings to maintain proficiency on topic areas. The student will be evaluated based upon both in class and out of class assignments (points for each assignment to be determined). Students will NOT be allowed to make up assignments (no exceptions!). Assume at least one project per class period. Therefore, it is critical that students attend each class! Additionally, please do not arrive late. It is not only rude, but also distracting to your classmates.


The format of the class will include lecture, debates, panel discussions, interviews, role-playing, policy writing, group projects, legal briefs, class discussion, etc.

The use of "PowerPoint" will most likely be used by students. As a result, students should be familiar with the use of any computer technology that will enhance presentations.