The Frog WebQuest

Virginia Science SOL Bio.5
Emily Campbell 

Do you know what a frog looks like inside? Have you ever wondered what the biggest frog is or how long frogs can live? Did you know that frogs can actually change colors? If you have ever been the slightest bit curious about frogs, you will want to come along for this wild ride and see what mysteries the frog beholds!

Your search for information will lead you to find answers of questions you may have had about frogs. Find a partner and start searching for these answers with the help of the Internet sites below. Take notes and transfer your work to a Word document. Find a picture from the Internet and copy and paste it into your final product. Remember to cite your graphic resource. Good luck and have fun!

Read through the questions before you answer them. There is a lot of information in these Web sites and you may want to know what you are looking for before you begin your search.

Answer the following questions in your science notebook:
bulletWhat happens to a predator trying to eat a tomato frog?
bulletWhere does the word amphibian come from?
bulletHow long after fertilization does it take for a tadpole to begin taking shape?
bulletHow long ago did amphibians move to land?
bulletWhich frog holds the record for leaping 17.5 feet in a single jump?
bulletHow do frogs breathe?
bulletWhat is a tympanum?
bulletWhich continent are frogs NOT found on?
bulletDo frogs have teeth?
bulletWhat is the longest life span that has been recorded for a frog?
bulletName some of the largest frogs and tell how large they are.
bulletIf you were a frog, which frog would you want to be? Why would you want to be this frog?
bulletIf you could make up your own species of a frog, what characteristics would it have? What interesting things could your frog do?

Internet Sites

Science notebook facts will be evaluated as well as the word processed document. The students will also be graded on their cooperative effort.

At the end of your search, you should have an understanding of frogs and some of their life processes.

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