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Dr. Rhett Herman
Professor of Physics and Adjunct Professor of Geology
Director, Radford University Planetarium

Office: 135 Curie Hall
(540) 831-5441 (office phone)
(540) 831-5652 (department)
(540) 831-5732 (fax)
Department of Physics
PO Box 6983
Radford University
Radford, Virginia 24142

Class Information, Solutions page, etc.

  • The PHYS 111 class information sheet that I handed out the first day of class.
  • The PHYS 111 class calendar sheet that I handed out the first day of class.
       - Exams will be Thursday evenings form 7-8:50pm (Sept. 18, Oct. 23, Nov. 20) in either MG206 or Young 302 (or possibly COBE 320).
  • The textbook for this class is Physics, 9th ed. by Cutnell and Johnson. This textbook is used for both Physics 111 and for Physics 112. See below for how to buy the textbook in two ways.
    • Student Companion Site for Physics,9th ed. by Cutnell and Johnson
          This is the location of things such as the "Concept Simulations," "Interactive Learningware,", and "Interactive Solutions" that are extremely useful.
  • Wiley Plus Online Homework: This is the general starting page for the lecture homework for this class. (The direct address is
    • Note: There are two ways to get the access code that will be required to do this homework. As soon as you buy this code you will have access to the online textbook, but not the online homework site. I can't set up the online homework until I get class rosters from RU at the start of the semester.
      - Buy the code directly off of the WileyPlus site. For maybe (??) $125 you get the access code as well as access to the online version of the textbook. This is the most economical approach. Think of this as wiki-physics and you'll be fine. When you buy this code, WileyPlus may ask if you want to the "online" version or the "WebCT" version--you want the "online" version.
      - Buy the hardcopy textbook new for over $200 (ouch!). This comes with the access code, which means you will also have access to the online version of the textbook.
      - If you buy a used textbook it does NOT come with the homework access code (which you will then have to buy separately).
    • For the homework site, your initial login name is your email address, and your initial password is your RU student ID number.
    • WileyPlus will be asking for the course-section-specific URL for this class for buying the homework code. The direct links to the registration pages are:
      Section 02:
      Section 03:
  • Labs page: The labs for the upcoming week will be posted here. Print out the labs before coming to lab, and read through them.
  • Solutions page: This has the blank versions and solutions of this year's exams, along with last year's final exam.

  • physics applets pages: These pages contain virtual simulations of various things in physics including such situations as collisions, vector addition, work & energy, etc. Use these to help you in your studies.
    - Vector addition applet from PhET (Physics Education Technology group) that I used in class to visualize vector additon and their components.
    - moving man aplet that I used in class to show velocity and acceleration vectors.

    - Michigan State University's physics applets
    - MERLOT website with various applets. This semester, we're mostly working with things in the "general" and "classical mechanics" categories, and will hit some thermodynamics at the end of the semester.
    - Ideal gas law applet that shows the concept of how gases cause pressure, along with the Boltzman distribution of particle velocities.

  • Grades: These will be posted on D2L after the first couple of graded assignments have been submitted and returned. Check often to be sure that everything is recorded correctly.
  • Reminder about grades: If you find that anything has been recorded in error, bring the graded paper to me and I will fix it. If you do not have the graded paper, I will not change what I have recorded for you. This means you need to keep your work throughout the semester.