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   Homework #11: Due Friday, April 17, by 5:00pm.

  1. A wire has a current of 2.40A running through it in the z-direction. A square loop with sides 15cm long is located 10cm away from the wire (i.e. the near side of the loop is 10cm away, and the far side is 25cm away). The loop lies in the x-z plane. Calculate the net magnetic flux through the loop. Hint: Note that the magnetic field through the loop is not uniform.
  2. For the problem above, calculate the εmf induced when the current in the wire is turned off in a time of 0.25sec.
  3. The nearby Claytor Lake hydroelectric power plant has large coils of wire spinning in magnetic fields created by siphoning off some of the electricity generated by the coils themselves. Asume those magnetic fields have a magnitude of 0.025T. The coils of wire have a radius of 1.60m. They produce electricity at a maximum of 220kV. Find the number of current-carrying loops in each set of coils. Recall that you will have to make a reasonable assumption.
  4. problem 7.21
  5. problem 7.23
  6. problem 7.29. You must show all of the steps in your derivation here starting from Faraday's Law in order to get any credit for this problem.
   That's all for homework #11.