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   Homework #10: Due Friday, April 10, by 5:00pm.

  1. An aluminum strip 2.0cm wide and 2.0mm thick is placed in a magnetic field with B=3.50Tesla. A current of 4.25A is set up in the strip. The strip is oriented along the x-axis with the current running towards the negative x-axis. The magnetic field points in the negative z direction.
    1. Draw this situation, labeling the direction of the current and the sides of the aluminum strip that becomes positively and negatively charged.
    2. What is the magnitude of the Hall field E and Hall voltage V (or "Hall potential"=Φ) that appears across the strip?
  2. problem 6.73. Note that 1 gauss=10-4T. "gauss" is the cgs (centimeters-grams-seconds) unit for the B field, while Tesla is the mks (meters-kilograms-seconds) unit that we use.
   That's all for homework #10.