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   Homework #9: Do not turn this in since there is an exam next week. I will post my solutions so you can check your work.

  1. problem 6.31. Be careful of your directions here.
  2. problem 6.50. Note that this combines the fields of two long straight wires, plus a half-circle. The integral limits of the long straight wires are simply from (-)∞ to 0 (lower wire) and from 0 to (-)∞ (upper wire).
  3. problem 6.52. Set it up and do the integrals, again thinking carefully about your integral limits. Show the generic integrals that you used to evaluate your own integrals (i.e. don't just say "Wolfram Alpha told me this was the answer." Hint: Look here. You might find such generic integrals on, say, a test sometime in the future.
  4. There are 5 loops of wire with a current of 2.50A lying in the x/y plane; their centers are at (0, 0, 0). The radius of the wires is 20.0cm. Starting from the Biot-Savart relation, showing all of your work, find the magnetic field vector at the following locations: (a) (0, 0, 35cm), (b) (0, 0, -40cm), and (c) (0, 0, 0).
   That's all for homework #9.