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ARTH431/ART527: Art since 1960

Prof. Roann Barris

202 Porterfield, x. 6001; email: rbarris@radford.edu

SPRING 2013: office hours:  M 9 - 3; W 9 - 12; other times by appt

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a little bit about Jackson Pollock

[about the figure after the hegemony of abstraction]

Overview of post-absract expressionist tendencies

The Figure's Return (if it ever disappeared)

Other  Figural Directions (after abstract expressionism)

Philip Guston: from figure to abstraction and back again

Francis Bacon


[not really about the figure, after the hegemony of abstraction]

Minimalism, seriality and theatricality

Formless Art

The Formless Art of Louise Bourgeois

Robert Rauschenberg


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