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       Hilary M. Lips, Ph. D.
           Professor & Chair: Department of Psychology
           Director: The Center for Gender Studies
           PO Box 6946
           Radford University, Radford, VA 24142

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            I may be contacted by email at:  hlips@radford.edu 
            To leave voice messages and/or sending fax, dial: 1-540-831-5387

        Current Academic Positions
            Professor & Chair of Psychology, the Department of Psychology, Radford University
            Director: the Center for Gender Studies, Radford University

        Courses Regularly Offered
             The Psychology of Women
             Advanced Social Psychology (graduate level course)

        Authored Books in Print - Publishers
            Click on the titles below for McGraw-Hill Catalog for Information (the links below are not text-only):
            "Gender: the Basics" Oxford, UK: Routledge 2013

            "Sex & Gender, An Introduction", 6th Edition.
            "A New Psychology of Women: Gender, Culture & Ethnicity", Third Edition. Waveland Press
            "Women, Men & Power". Winner, 1992 Distinguished Publication Award, Mayfield Publishers,
            a division of McGraw-Hill

        Invited Papers at Professional Meetings 
        Selected Invited Addresses and Colloquia

        Refereed Articles and Research Publications
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