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A New Psychology of Women
Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity
Third Edition
Hilary M. Lips, Radford University
Available from Waveland Press
A New Psychology of Women, 3rd Edition
This is the third edition of the first psychology of women textbook to present an in-depth introduction to the diversity of women in cross-cultural perspective. Using a narrative approach, the text describes the ways in which cultures, including American culture, shape women's experiences. The text focuses on the diversity and the commonality of women's experiences through research carried out by scholars inside and outside the United States, and outside the mainstream within the United States.


Three box programs: profiles on "Women Shaping Psychology;" "Learning Activities"; and "Making Change."
Pedagogy for each chapter: Chapter Summary, Key Terms, Discussion Questions, Web Resources, New Glossary and PowerPoint Presentations.
"Women's Work," formerly chapter 13 in the first edition, is chapter 8, placing this material next to chapter 7, on families, and making a more logical transition into work-family issues.
All material has been updated to reflect the latest research. Coverage of many topics has been expanded, including work-family balance, poverty, ethnicity in relation to intimate and family relationships, contraception, hormone replacement therapy, a more fully developed discussion of logical positivism, essentialism, and social constructionism, ethnicity as it relates to self-esteem, and data on intimate partner violence.
New topics covered include evolutionary theory, mother-daughter relationships, feminist issues in research, hostile and benevolent sexism, the universality of gender stereotypes across cultures, the Internet as a media influence, forced prostitution and sex slavery, conditions under which women label forced sex as rape, new cross-cultural information about women and leadership, and new treatment of the radical feminist movement.

Proven Features:
Strong focus throughout on the diversity and commonality of women's experiences. This focus emphasizes how culture shapes common barriers for women, and the variety of ways in which women in diverse cultural groups confront these challenges.
Cross-cultural perspective. The experiences of diverse women are treated as important in their own right, not held up against a standard based on white, middle-class America.
Diversity of scholarship. An important aspect of the text is research conducted by scholars outside the United States, or outside the mainstream within the United States. Including this research helps students see what issues and approaches are considered important in other cultures.
Coverage of essential topics. In the psychology of women course, this includes gender development, leadership and power, women and intimate relationships, women at work, women's sexuality, women as they age, and women's mental health, are surveyed with culture as their organizing focus.

Instructor's Manual/Test Bank and selected PowerPoint slides for each chapter on CD-ROM (dual platform)

About the Author:

Hilary Lips was born in Canada and completed her undergraduate work at the University of Windsor. After earning her doctorate at Northwestern University, she taught at the University of Winnipeg for a number of years where she developed a course on the psychology of gender and helped to initiate the Women’s Studies program. She has been a visiting scholar at the University of Arizona’s Southwest Institute for Research on Women, the University of South Florida, The University of Costa Rica, and the Institute for Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is the author of a number of books and articles about the psychology of women and gender, including Women, Men, and Power (Mayfield, 1991), Sex and Gender: An Introduction, Sixth Edition (McGraw-Hill, 2008), and the reissue of A New Psychology Women, 3rd Edition (Waveland Press, 2010). She has also spent time in New Zealand as a recipient of a Distinguished American Scholar award from the New Zealand-U.S. Educational Foundation. A full professor, she now chairs the Psychology Department at Radford University, Virginia, where she is also the Director of the Center for Gender Studies.
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