European Literary Trails: Study  Abroad  Program
Director: Professor Jolanta W. Wawrzycka

Lindsey's Birthday: Galway, May 15, 2003.

Happy 21st, Lindsey!   Sweet 21...     Happy 21st, Lindsey!


At the Quay Street Restaurant

Celebrations at the Quay Street Restaurant

At the Quay Street RestaurantFrom left--Lindsey, Laurie, Deanna, Kelin, Brian, Erik, Debbie (eyes only), Jenny, Bliss, Alicia and Alison.

 After Birthday Dinner...Desert from heaven. heavenly DESERT…

                        ...and Churchly Pub! 
Churchly Pub?  Some altar... Live entertainmentYes, in this beautiful, multi-level pub, the church decorations
are recycled to create a great atmosphere.  There is also live entertainment.  The sign behind the artist
gives a new meaning to Joycean "simony"...

RU in the Quay Pub:

RU in the Quay PubDebbie, J, Lindsey, Erik, Brian, and...

More RU in the PubJenny, Bliss, Alison and...  Still more RU...  Deanna, Alicia, and Kelin--Cheers!


The Three Graces...

Post-Party Story: "The Three Graces--"

--that is, Laurie, Debbie, and me, were just leaving the pub to turn in early,
when suddenly-- what do you know!--Laurie was "snatched" by three men.
Debbie and I stayed with her heroically: there is no telling what would happen if we didn't.
The man on the left was a sweet-talking Irishman--you know the type;
the two men in glasses were Americans. Well, we did manage to pull Laurie away
and leave the pub early, after all...

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