Mean (whoo!) 'By God' (whoo!) Gene
Jack Vasvary | Ritz Section Manager

Did any of you notice the giant balloon in the shape of a tux-wearing guy near the clocks last Wednesday? Did you wonder why Mean Gene's Burgers decided to close early or why there was a white limousine parked in the Dalton parking lot? The source of these rare phenomena: Mean Gene Okerlund, famous professional wrestling announcer and interviewer, was paying a visit to RU. He came to promote and celebrate the grand opening of his new restaurant chain, Mean Gene's Burgers. The day was full of festivities and music, which was provided by local radio station 100.7 - "The Buzz."

The events began with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. At one point, Gene turned his head and said, "Wait a second, is that Bill Goldberg I see?" Of course, every Goldberg fan turned his/her head immediately. When they found out he was kidding, I heard several people say they were going to tell him off for fooling them.

There were three contests held during the event, including a burger-eating contest, a drawing for a trip to anywhere in the continental U.S. and a drawing for a "Powerwheels"-like car designed with the Mean Gene's Burgers logo.

The burger-eating contest involved mostly fraternity brothers who had to eat as many burgers as possible within a 10-minute time period. Mobs of people surrounded the table to see the contest. Contestants were provided with pitchers of water and were made to sign what I am guessing was a waiver before the contest began. A food fight also broke out after the contest. I got hit right in the face with a burger.

Gene also took some time out to sign autographs for all of his fans. The line was very slow and long. Actually, there wasn't much of a "line," per se. It was more like a bunch of people fighting their way to Mean Gene's table. There were also several pre-signed photographs passed out, which helped bring more organization to the line. Even when he was officially done signing autographs and was on his way out the door, several people followed him and asked him to sign last-minute items. Mean Gene gladly complied.

All of this turned into a really good day for R.U. No real problems seemed to arise. Just about everyone was given a souvenir from the event. Many wrestling fans got to meet a legend in professional wrestling, and RU was able to push their new restaurant.

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Name: Shaggy
I said it once and I'll say it again: Dalton sucks. LONG LIVE MENE GENE!!!! ( Oh yeah, read Mick Foley's autobiography. Why I just plugged that book I don't know but WCW sucks and Mick Foley is a Legend. HAVE A NICE DAY! )

Name: a person
Year: let me get my calendar...
Major: its all major
Mean Gene's sucks. Bacon? That's bacon? Looks more like leprachaun foreskins to me. And that special sauce, I won't even begin to comment on that.

Name: The Shape
To all the respondents under this: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT!!!!!! Can't anyone appreciate that the man, the legend, himself was here? Two words, one man: Mene Gene!

Name: Barta
Major: Republican
I'll be back.

Name: Chris LaPlant
Year: Junior
Major: Information Systems
This response goes to the damn idiot with the two sentence response. Who the hell do you think you are to criticize a first hand account of an event. Just because you didn't like the article, all you can say is the article in the Tartan was better. What kind of lame justification is that. I was there at the event and everything going on was accurate in the article. Why don't you try to say something intelligent for once in you life.

Name: jscott the O.C.S.
Major: biology
I would like to respond to the person who said the information in this article was incorrect. That was it? That's all you have to say? Oh boo-hoo, you didn't like the article so the only thing you could come up with was that it was incorrect information and it wasn't as good as the one in the Tartan. I'm a wrestling fan and I was on hand for the anticipated arrival of Mean Gene. Everything that was mentioned in this article was viewed by Jack, which was his first-hand account of what went on. I was there and I witnessed the hamburgers being tossed in the air and the mad dash of autograph seekers to the autograph signing table. Do you understand what first-hand account means? Who the hell are you anyway? I'm backing up my Whim buddy Jack on this one.

Name: Brian (guard dog) Korte
Year: senior
Major: Advertising
To the previous respondant:
Considering this is a first-hand account of an event, I cannot see how it would be possible that the things mentioned above could remotely be reverse of the truth. How about suggesting some serious articulate crticism instead of your blanket statement? Have some balls, respondant. You are welcome to your opinion, but for goodness' sake- no one cares. Do the world a favor. Pull your lip over your head and swallow.

your information is incorrect. the article in the tartan was much better.