Science and environment writing - Environmental calendar and issues

Likely publishers

The Reporter -- FIMS student publication

The Gazette -- UWO student publication /- contact page

Student publications at other schools

Official publications from other universities

Ontario Green -- Class blog -- Contact Bill Kovarik (wkovarik at


Upcoming events (See

Pedal for the Planet, Ottawa, Sept. 15

Canadian Wind Energy Association Sept. 20 - 23 Toronto

International Premiere of “So Far From Home” Sept 23 Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum
The film offers a unique window into the challenges and dangers faced by five local reporters working in conflict regions. These journalists worked without a safety net; they had no international media organisation to rescue them when their reporting led to threats by factions or governments who did not want these stories told.

Sept. 23 - 24 Green Building Festival, Toronto

Sept. 24 - 27, Youth Conference for Sustainabile Leadership (Guelph)

Peter Mettler film on tar sands to make North American premiere in Sept. at Toronto International Film Festival

Environmental Lectures, Centre for Environment, University of Toronto, 4 pm Thursdays this fall (Right to know, toxic waste, other topics)

Ontario Environmental Network Minden, ON, Oct 2 to Oct 4

Environmental Journalists Pub Night, Toronto, Oct 6

Society of Environmental Journalists Oct 7-11 Madison WI (Ride sharing from Ontario available)

Helen Caldicott "If you love this planet" Oct 16 FIMS @ UWO, London ON

October is International Walk to School Month

Green Halloween and Equiterre

International Day of Climate Change October 24

New Energy and jobs for Appalachia, Ohio University (Athens, Ohio), Oct 26 - 28

Small wind energy expo, Detroit, Nov 3-5

Environmental Journalists Pub Night, Toronto, Nov 3

Canadian Institute Environmental Law Nov 12, Edmonton, AL

Ontario Sustainable Power Association, Nov 16-18, Toronto

Latornell Conservation Symposium Nov. 18-20, Alliston, ON

Univ. West. Ontario

The best wind tunnel in North America

New training project with Hydro One (laura.cooke at also U. Waterloo

Wind Diesel projects / First nations

Sound testing issues - wind farms in Ontario - see Prof. Kovarik

Brock Fenton, UWO, Rhonda Millikin, EchoTrack - bats and windmills

City of London issues

Upcoming meetings ( Sept. 14 Environment committee meeting 5 pm board of control room / City Hall)

Environment committee reports and agendas

London area environmental and conservation groups

Individual issues:

London bike lanes to be expanded

Biogas -- Soccer and biogas plans in opposition . Deputy Mayor Tom Gosnel worried about city investment in soccer plant. London FP July 23

London landfill methane contract to be negotiated

Deer problems - biological consultant hired (Sept 09)

Greenhouses / growing local food (contact available)

Regional resources

Green Communities News

Ministry of the Environment

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

Green Energy Act

Regional issues

Impact of Ontario Green Energy Act - N. American leader in Renewable energy

wind farms -- birds, bats, wind "syndrome," other issues

Phasing out coal in Ontario (two Sarnia plants)

New kind of insulation plant opens in Milton, ON (Roxul)

Green businesses in Ontario

Environmental activists not well protected in Ontario, minister says

Canadian environmental journalism examples of exemplary recent writing...

The Arctic --

Biodiversity -- endangered species, EC wildlife services

Forestry -- Borreal forest, clearcutting, lumber markets and NAFTA

Fossil energy -- coal and oil (esp. Canadian tar sands), International (Nigeria - Shell, Ecuador - Chevron, etc)

Lifestyle --

  • Green as a Thistle -- Blog by Vanessa Farquharson, arts reporter and film critic at the(Toronto) National Post

Mining and minerals -- Natural Resources issues

Nuclear energy -- uranium mining, refining, safety, waste disposal, cost of electricity

Renewable energy -- Green Energy Act, wind, biogas, biofuels, solar industries

Sustainable Development --recycling and green building

Toxics -- Asbestos, waste disposal

Water quality -- Great Lakes, drinking water, waste treatment, international treaties & water withdrawls