INTERNSHIP Information



The  following files are will be needed to be downloaded and completed by both the student and the agency providing the internship opportunity:


-Agency Mid-Term Evaluation Form

- Student Mid-Term Evaluation Form

-Agency Final Evaluation Form

- Student Final Evaluation Form

Also, please fill out the following questions and turn them in as an attachment in a Word Document Format:


Questions for Discussion Board:


1. Introduce yourself and explain your internship 


Please post a brief bio of yourself, your concentration, etc., and where you are doing your internship. Give some details of the internship. This should be about 150 words.


2.  Tell us how everything is going


Now that you’ve been interning for a few weeks, please discuss the duties you’ve been given. Have you been given clear instructions? Are there some duties you enjoy or do not enjoy?  Give examples.


3.  Handling difficult moments

Everyone has moments of tension at work. Describe an incident or situation at your internship that made you uncomfortable and discuss how you handled it? Are you satisfied that you handled it correctly? If not, what do you wish you had done?



4. What would you tell your replacement?


Explain what you would tell your replacement for this internship. What technical and/or professional skills were needed for your assignments during the internship? What personal skills helped? What can the person expect to learn?