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Employment at RU Outdoors

RU Outdoors relies on the instruction of safe and competent outdoor leaders. Our leaders come from all walks of life with a vast array of backgrounds, talents, and experience. We seek individuals who are compassionate, sensitive, self driven, display common sense, love the outdoors, and have a sense of humor to join our staff. If selected to join our staff you will begin the leadership training program. The objective of the leadership program is to develop one's techinical, leadership and interpersonal skills.

Our leadership program is set up in a manner which allows for a smooth prograssion from your first semester on board as an apprentice to our highest student held position of senior trip leader and staff trainer. All staff members, regardless of position, are required to work scheduled hours in the RU Outdoors rental and trip registration office.

  Who Joins RU Outdoors?

  The progression for the leadership program is as follows:

As an Apprentice your goal is to take trips with RU Outdoors, to document hours in the office and on trips to gain experience. You will be evaluated on skill acquisitions, punctuality to and completion of office hours, and show interest and enthusiasm in working with RU Outdoors

    Assistant Trip Leader
Your goal as an Assistant Leader is to learn and understand the process of planning, implementing, leading and evaluating RU Outdoors trips. You will be tasked to attend various trips, including: planning meetings, pre-trip meetings, and meetings evaluating that program. Gather information for Trip Leaders, assemble gear and observe the role of the Trip Leaders.
To become an Assistant Leader you must:
  • Pass all applicable written and skills proficiency tests
  • Be certified in First Aid and CPR

The goals of a Co-Leader are to lead an RU Outdoors program safely and effectively while being observed and evaluated by a staff trainer. Your tasks will include planning, implementing, leading, and evaluating an RU Outdoors program.
To become a Co-Leader you must:
  • Pass a written and skills proficiency test
  • Recieve positive evaluations as an Assistant Leader
  • Recieve the recommendation from a Staff Trainer
  • Have documentation on file (certifications, Leader Application, etc...)
  • Recieve the recommendation from the RU Outdoors Manager

    Trip Leader
As a Trip Leader your goal is to plan, implement, lead and evaluate an RU Outdoors program as lead facilitator. You will be observed while leading a program.
To become a Trip Leader you must:
  • Recieve positive evaluations as a Co-Leader
  • Recieve the recommendaton of a Staff trainer
  • Be a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR)
  • Recieve recommendation from the RU Outdoors Manager

    Staff Trainer
As a Staff Trainer your goal is to plan, observe and evaluate junior RU Outdoors staff members. You will monitor progress of all staff mmebers, keep documentation of staff members, and plan regular training sessions in all program areas.
To become a Staff Trainer you must:
  • Have positive feedback from participants on trips
  • Be a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR)
  • Recieve the recommendation of the RU Outdoors Manager
  • Attend Staff Rescue Training in the program area you plan to train in
  • Interview with the Outdoor Advisory Council