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Hometown:   Cherokee, North Carolina

Email Address:   outdoorpunk@yahoo.com

Major:   Graduate Degree - Experiential and Environmental Studies

RUO Staff Since:  1998-2000

Graduated:   2000

Now I am:   Director of Hollins Outdoor Program (HOP) at Hollins University

Favorite Activities:   Martial Arts, Climbing rock, ice, & mountains, Sea kayaking, Whitewater Kayaking and Canoeing, snowboarding and skiing, Dodgeball, campfires, watching LOST, Throwing knives and axes, Going to the shooting range, playing with babies.

Favorite Quotes:  “In the presence of eternity the mountains are as transient as the clouds” Robert Greene Ingersoll

You know there are consequences to breaking a murdering bastard’s heart…”  Bill


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