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Name: Jim Lustig

Birthday: Jan. 30, 1963

Hometown: New Hope, PA

E-mail address: jim.lustig@sdsu.edu

Major: Recreation & Leisure Services - B.S. & Leisure Services M.S.

RUO staff since: "Founding Father" Fall Semester 1986 to Spring Semester 1988

Graduated: 1986 B.S. & 1988 M.S.

Now I am: Outdoor Programs Coordinator and Adjunct Professor at San Diego
State University

Favorite Activities: Fly Fishing, Sea Kayaking, Backpacking

Favorite Movies: The African Queen; The Goonies, Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Quotes:"Adventure is not in the guidebook & beauty is not on the
map. Seek and ye shall find." - Terry & Renny Russell, On the Loose


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