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An International Education
Carly Hetmanek

In Coogee Beach, Australia (10 minutes away from downtown Sydney), Carly Hetmanek spent a semester studying at the University of New South Wales. Seeking a different cultural perspective on business, she took classes on globalization, organizational management, marketing -- and marine biology “just for fun.” Her classmates were from around the world and across the U.S.

Carly Hetmanek“The relationships I made out there have followed me home, and I have some best friends all over the country,” says the senior from Vienna, Va.

In her job at the Sydney Harbour Marriott at Circular Quay, Carly tested out her interest in the hospitality industry. She worked with “wonderful people” and interacted with Australians from across that country, thus polishing her Aussie “lingo” and scooping fads and hot spots to visit.

“Being in a different country for so long pushed me to want to minor in international studies and be able to travel or possibly work in a different country,” says Carly. “It also turned me into a beach bum. I couldn’t get enough of the beach! I had to move out to San Diego for a summer job to be close to the beach once again.”

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