Publications and related materials send important messages about an organization, not only with what they say, but how they look. Strength in our message and consistency are vital. These guidelines have been established for university publications and related materials by the Office of University Relations. Radford University’s logo, stationery and publications reflect our institution’s image and these guidelines help present a consistent identity to internal and external audiences.

The following sections explain the uses of the logo and the format of publications.

The Logo

With its clean and corporate appearance, the RU logo reinforces a strong sense of academics and tradition. At the same time, it emphasizes that Radford is a university. This logo can be easily incorporated into just about any use.

We ask that you refer to this guide for logo usage and printed materials. Familiarize yourself and your department with the proper usage of the logo and procedures for creating printed materials.

Radford University Logo red
Two-color usage

If you have questions, please contact the Creative Services Office at extension 5021.

The logo will be used on stationery, university publications, office forms, signs, vehicles and other media which communicate the university to its publics.

Radford University Logo black
One-color usage

The logo may appear in two forms, with or without “Radford University.” If using “RU” only, the full name of the university should appear prominently in close proximity to the logo in the format shown below.

Radford University Logo reversed
Reversed usage
format of logo

The logo is two colors: black with “RU” appearing in red. The logo may appear in black or reversed from a background or solid color in white if its legibility is not significantly reduced. The logo without “Radford University” may appear in red, black or may be reversed if its legibility is not significantly reduced. (Please consult with the Creative Services assistant director.)

It is vital that the logo be used as designed and not reset, reproportioned or modified in any way. Use only officially prepared logos. No other typefaces are permitted..

Please see the accompanying examples for guidance.