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   Homework #5: Due Friday, February 27, by 5:00pm


  1. Analyze this seismogram using Pickwin (a) to find a good set of parameters to display the information (amplitude, clipping/no clipping, etc.) (b) to pick the first arrivals using either the menu or the button, and (c) to print this out and turn it in with the first arrivals on it and the slope in green indicating the greater speed (take a screen shot since it won't print that green line, and since I need to see the speed at the bottom of the window).
  2. problem 2.3
  3. problem 2.4
  4. problem 2.5
  5. A 6.0-meter-high cylindrical marble column of radius 0.20m supports a stone roof with a mass of 55,000kg. Note: We got the marble from Maryland, not Vermont.
    (a) By how much does the column compress due to the weight of this roof?
    (b) This column also keeps the stone roof from moving to the right since the stone roof has a horizontal force of it of 32,000N. By how much does the top of the column move horizontally because of this force? Note: The shear modulus "S" is given by the textbook as G, defined in Eq. (2.9).
    Hint: Useful information may be found in Table 2.1.
  6. That's all for homework #5.