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   Homework #1: Due Friday August 29 by 5:10pm
  1. problem 1.8, part (a) only.
  2. Suppose the linear thermal expansion coefficient has both a contant term and a linear term. Thus α→α01T, with α0=12x10-6°C-1 and α1=2.1x10-8(units). Consider the case of a 30-story, 180m tall building and the thermal expansion of one of the vertical steel beams in one corner of the building.
    (a) What are the units of α1?
    (b) If the original height of the vertical beam is L=180m, find the amount by which the beam expands on a day when the temperature goes from 7°C to 32°C. Assume for simplicity that the total expansion ΔL will be very much smaller than the original length L, or ΔL<<L.
   That's all for homework #1.